Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garage sale gone interesting.

Yikes busy weekend!! There was no Friday Fun post this week cause I got caught up in a sudden plan. Well half sudden half thought on for some time. See the thing is....Never mind, let me go back a bit here in the story to get you set up. Yes Paul, the back story, you can skip to here *.

I have been collecting items around my house for over two years now that are in need of getting out of my house. Things I never looked at or used. Things that were in my closet but never worn. Music that I did not listen to and so much more. On top of all this stuff I ended up taking on a bunch of my parents stuff that had been left behind when they moved from this part of the country some years back now. It had been in storage and was in need of getting rid of for the same reasons.

Last year the sale did not happen cause this happened in April and I felt a little overwhelmed by the idea. So it was put off for a second year. (I started the gathering a year before that). So this year was the one. This stuff has been in storage for that long and on my mind for just the same. These past few months during any given week I would think "maybe this weekend?" but something would come up to postpone it. Then when it started to look more likely the rains came.

All last week the forecast was calling for rain on the weekend. Friday all day was so nice that I checked the forecast one last time and when it said partly cloudy with a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon I put faith in their words. I should know better, this is Manitoba we are talking about, it loves to do the opposite of what the weather mans says. Okay, not just here, all around the world the weather likes to go against the grain. Needless to say I jumped on it.

*I worked my butt off getting all this stuff gathered into one place, I made up signs to post around town and then posted them. I made up an add for ebrandon (a fairly local sight for posting stuff for sale and so much more). And let my girls go free in the back yard.

Here is the before shot of Jade that day.

Note the very clean face and hands and little outfit too.

She was tidy.

Here is the out come of a few hours on her own.

Still happy as a pig in mud and I mean that quit literally for her. Baby sister has no fear of the dirt and grime.

Note the romper soaked half way up and the hair flying all about. Thing with that hair is it didn't fly much anymore mostly it stuck out stiff like little wire pokers.

I used to wonder how some moms could let their kids get like this. Suzie never did. Now I realize that you have no choice unless you want to hold them 24/7. When they are the type to get dirty there is no stopping the mayhem. Fly free little birdie and if you decide you are not a bird but a dirt dweller then what can I say.

Paul put in a few items at the sale. Turns out he did well.
Here is a trike he put in the sale. 

And a pic of it's back end. Turns out this sucker brought in the most customers. Everyone wanted to get their hands on this little number. (yes it was one of the first things to sell and for a good dollar too) The guy who bought it first circled the thing with a grin like a 5 year old boy. He was giddy. Took it home along with a pile of parts that had been strewn about the garage for months.

This got out of our lives pretty quick, as well as an old ride on that had been kicking around for far too long. You can probably see it in the back ground of a lot of my yard pics from over the years. (I just looked back a ways and found that I have done a pretty good job of not aiming that direction while photographing the girls) Three big things gone from my life. YAY!!

A few more items (the dressers) went over to the house my older brother and his family are going to move into when they get back here. (oh, yikes, that is another whole big story of it's own. Family moving back from B.C. If I start now on that item of news this post will take all night to read.)

All in all it was productive. But if you want to know how my portion of the sale went. Let's just say there will be another sale when I can get my nerve up again and the weather man says 0% chance of rain.

Persistence is key and in fact, while looking through all that I found in the collection of stuff there is another thought on the horizon. Watch to see if I get ambitious.

For now I am going to sit on the couch for a bit of time and start working on the dolls that I have been in the "middle" of making for my girls for a month and a half now. Let's see if I can't wrap up some loose ends around this house already. Keep your goals in mind and they will come to fruition. If not, than make new goals. Smile, it's a good day.

P.S. I must add that I had an amazing friend come in on all of this to help me out and it would not have gone as smooth as it did without her. Her kids made all those signs and they all did so much. Thanks M and family.

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