Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspired #5

Take this day, this very one you are living in at this very moment and have some fun with it. This may be a Tuesday, just a regular day. It may be a day you stay home with no plans but to garden and maybe go for a walk. That's fine, wear that dress that you love so much but never do cause it is only for a night out. Do your makeup that really crazy way that you have always wanted to try, the one you think is "not you" and maybe someone would stare. Go For it! Have fun. Be inspired to think outside your everyday box.

1: Go fishing through your jewelry to wear those earrings you picked up cause you like them but have not worn cause you thought maybe they weren't "normal".
2: Have that second cup of coffee in the middle of the day it might keep you up late tonight but so what, today is a day of going for it.
3: And that really cool hat, the one you don't wear cause it is too fancy for every day life, go for it.
4: And now this you just need to pick up cause if you have one in your closet already then you don't need to be reading any of these promptings. You already know how to do all of this.
5: These earrings will bring out the festivities even if it is just a walk to the bank.
6:  This ring you might want to not put on for the gardening but you can definitely wear it round the house while picking up the toys.
7: And when you do go the the bank and the local grocery store you must hold all your money in this little guy. How fun is that?
8: Well if you haven't figured it out yet then let me just say you can wear this and number 9 all at the same time. Really, they don't have to match for it to be "right".

Have fun, it's Tuesday after all. What better time than right now to go and do those outrageous things you think aren't normal for you. I mean Jump up and down for a second in front of your kids. If they haven't seen you do that before they will laugh their little heads off. Try it. Put on the really crazy music from when you were young and wild and see what the kiddos do. Mine thought it was great and when I told them the next day to turn it back to the calm stuff Suzie said "no, but I like it, it's fast".


  1. Thank you for including my fish purse. Your blog is beautiful. Best of luck!

  2. thank you!
    very good post:-) 100% agree


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