Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fun #30 Sold!

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

Okay so this is not the only fun we have had this week. In fact there seem to be a long list of things to post about and so I had to choose one and this was fresh this morning.

I sold another item from my Shop to someone in Australia. This is so exciting to me. I have sold one other thing and I feel so inspired to get back to sewing. It is hard at times like this when I want so badly to do something but the rest of life is still so busy. But all that for another post. This here post is just a small celebration.

The Happy Lively Red pants are now....

Packed and on their way to.....

Australia. I hope you and your little one enjoy these Anita.

Happy Friday all. June has come and with it the busy rush of summer. Out door projects and kids so dirty they need baths every five minutes. Love this Life!!!

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