Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A video, Oh Yay!!

A new discovery for me this week is video editing. You will be seeing a lot more of this from here on out. I love this. I actually was getting teary eyed when watching it all put together. I have loved videos of my girls but find it kind of monotonous just clicking on one video then the next and so on. No flow, no connections. Now I can put a sound track to my life.

The Start of Summer 2012 from Angie Kroeker on Vimeo.

And I will also say that Vimeo is the way to go. I had no clue how easy it was going to be to put this on the blog. I literally took the embed code from this video and pasted it in the HTML and done. That's it. I didn't have to find any codes to put it in just copy, paste and go.

Now on to the rest of this busy day. Hope you are all going to have a blast of a day. And in case you didn't read the post yesterday then I will say you should take the word Tuesday and replace it with Wednesday.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Stephy. It was great fun to make. For sure there will be more to come.

  2. Mei and I sure enjoyed this! She was remembering the swing, I was remembering the taste of dirt.... ahhh good times!

    1. Good times indeed, Jade could give you a real run for your money on discussing the different taste of dirt, if only she could talk.


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