Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest posting and more

Should I or should I not? There are so many things that might be changed? Am I prepared for change?

These are some of the questions I asked myself when I was thinking on opening my shop on Etsy. I did not know what changes might take place. I just knew they were there waiting for me. I had no clue where the new directions would lead. So I dove right on in.

When my shop was open a few short days I started to look into tips on how to get more people looking at it. I started to see that for sales to take place I had to start getting my name out there. And the doors that were available to me were right there and just needed a bit of a push. I had a blog, lot's of people get known by their blog. So here I go. I have started to advertise my blog on other blogs. Yup, here we go.

Now the question I ask myself is "how much of this do I do?" As you all know this blog is more of a public journal where I keep my memories. I want it to continue. I don't want to loose sight of why I am here. I indeed struggled with the idea. But you know the shop is also a part of my life just as everything else is.

Sewing is something I love to do when I get the chance. The shop is something I started with blessing from my husband. I guess the next step is promotion.

And so there are two blogs that I have my blog linked to. At one of them I have done a guest post. The other there will be another guest post tomorrow (they happened to be one day apart). So check out guest post number one here.

And with this new step I have one more on the horizon. I would like to promote blogs out there that are trying to spread the word. I am opening up the doors to sponsors. Drop me a line and we'll see what can be done.

: :

And now from the business to the fun.

"Mom, is this your best place?"

"Yes, Suzie, this is one of my best places"

"This is my best place, I'n goin' fishin'"

(yes this is my bed head, I do a lot in my bed head, even catch fish.)

I caught one, Suzie put it back.

And the bridge.

It's small, it swings and bounces, it's much fun.

Especially for the mom and the dad who get to watch the littles struggle with the bounce and the swing.

It was a relaxed day with not a lot planned.

Zonked out after a good day at the pond. Summer days are upon us. Heat and rain intermingling to bring on the humidity and mosquitoes we all know and love....okay not love but they are known. We do the best we can to enjoy the cool of the morning and the mid day heat while hiding in the shade. The garden is flourishing and the grass calls constantly for a fresh mowing. It is summer in Manitoba. Where the farmers watch the skies and pray for sun when it rains and rain when the sun won't stop. I love this land where I grew up. All the good and the not so pleasant all join forces to create memories for us all.

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