Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspired #6: Time for Tea

"Mom, I'm going to go outside and see if it will be warm"

As the wind blows the trees parallel to the earth.

"if it is hot or warm or cold then it will be hot or warm or cold"

Ah truly she is a child with much wisdom. Too bad I know the answer before she sets foot out that door.
With the weather we are having, have been having and are expected to have there is one thing to help ease the mind.
At least it is not too hot for...

Tea Time.

1: These elongated wonders would do well to serve it up hot.
2: A tray to take tea to the lovelies all sitting around your living room and when that weather finally smartens up you can bring lunch to the picnic table.
3: And of course who could turn down putting on this fun dress even if it is only Tuesday, I say you should because it is.
4: This tea pot makes me think of a tea set for a child from way back when but it is not. So let's play tea party with real tea.
5: Another tray if you need something a little more whimsical.
6: Cream and Sugar are a must and what better way than in blue.
7: Another dress if you are needing a little more pink in your life. If both were in my closet this moment I don't know which I would choose.
8: A less lanky tea set but not less in any way. Simple and elegant.
9: If you bring out tea for the Mamas you must not forget the little ladies. What better way than this green set. Mind you I might leave the adult table to partake in the glory of the green.
10: But if I had this green on my table I would have an internal war. Which shall I choose to sit at? Which shall I choose to drink from?

Ah what fun to dream up the ultimate tea party. Don't forget the crumpets and bring a lot of laughter cause with the dreary weather outside we have to liven it up a bit. Till the sun does shine again let's take part in what joys can be found all around.


  1. what a fabulous post!! i love having tea time-- does happen often enough but that does make it a bit more enjoyable when it does!! thank you so much!!:) xo
    nodtomod vintage

  2. Thanks for including my green Akro Agate child's tea set in your fun post.

  3. Thanks so much for including our pewter tea set in that most civilized of rituals, tea time!

  4. A beautiful post and such wonderful finds! Thank you for including my teapot in your fabulous tea party!


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