Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lazy weekends, take 'em when they come.

This already took place over a week ago. Not this last Sunday but the one before we took the family out for the day. Nothing fancy. We don't do fancy. We do simple out in the country life living and that is just the way we like it.

A simple trip to the lake which turned out to be far to windy for fishing turned into an even more simple trip to the Eternal springs pond. But let me back track just a bit for as we all know a story needs the back track.
First we had to leave. And we had to pack up the car, well Paul packed up the care and the girls and I played in the drive way. Yup, the driveway can be just as fun as the back yard.

Suzie placing the daily Johnny pop up behind my ear. She now tells me every time to be sure to take it from behind there before I go to bed. This is because I had told her how I had woken in the middle of the night to feed Jade and found something strange in my ear. I removed it and put it on the night stand so I could take a look at it in the morning. When I did set eyes on it the next day it look like the tiniest little mouse I had ever seen. Kind of gave me a bit of a freak out till I discovered the truth. My conclusion, don't sleep with a flower behind your ear you may not like what you find the next morning.

And on from the drive way to the lake. Okay, I never did get any pics from the lake cause I just hung out with the man and our two girls. It was fun. Windy, far to windy, but fun. From there we picked up lunch and headed on to the eternal springs where Paul and Suzie fished while I read a book and Jade did this.

As I mentioned I did read that is until I took a look at this and decided it must be caught on film (well digital chip but you get the idea).

The little body of water mostly carries these little fish. They are perfect for a three year old to catch.

Hop and a skip. I love this kid.

She uses her "studying" look a lot. I can see the wheels turning behind those eyes.

The fun part is when she shares what is going on in her mind.

So curious, so innocent, so full of awe and wonder. Oh that she can keep that wonder in life for as long as possible.

Speaking of looks full of curiosity and study, here's one for you. She has made this face from day one.

Then a bit of mischief shines through and you get a glimpse at her inner feelings as well.

Baby attack, the best kind out there.

My two best in the same place.

While we were at the springs we got a call from Paul's folks inviting us for supper. I actually did a hop and a skip for joy. On top of a most perfect morning and afternoon was to be added a most perfect ending.

When we were there Paul's dad pulled out a fish finder they had gotten and the two of them mulled it over. This is what mom and I often will see during our visits there.

Paul and his Dad figuring something out. They ended the night by getting the thing mounted to the boat as well.

That's about it. A weekend. They are best served up with calm and relaxation and no expectations.
From here I will head out the back door into our back yard to put more plants and seeds into our garden. There is something new in the works back there and I will have a few pics to share in a short while. Till then, happy day to you all.

Close it up mom, time to get out the door.


  1. Very nice post - your weekend looks very relaxed! Those are very nice every once in a while

    1. yes they are. I am so thankful for them when they come. Hoping for many more this summer.


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