Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tips and tricks

Really? Am I about to write in here about cleaning? This is not a blog about cleaning, or house keeping or anything like that. This is an all about our lives blog. A blog to tell you how life was when you were growing up. To give little pictures into the daily lives of you, Suzie and Jade.

Well here is something for later. For when you get older and these things will matter to you. (and really I am writing this because I am THAT excited about my two new cleaning finds). Yes, Excited! Why might you ask? Well think of it this way. You spend many hours a day in the kitchen and you work hard to keep it clean. You wash dishes AT LEAST once a day and more like two to three times a day.

I had always thought that the cleanliness of my dish depended on how many times that wash cloth went round the plate and how hard I scrubbed with that little scrubby thing. Well turns out there is more to it.

(this just made a whole lot easier to clean up because of that down at the bottom of the post)

In fact, those ridiculous adds on TV that go on about "no longer soaking dishes over night" and what ever lofty claims they make. They are right. There is something to be said for the dish soap you use. I have been a strong believer in cheapest is best. And don't get me wrong you can still do a lot of things for cheap and you do not have to buy the most expensive. BUT there is something to be said about trying different soaps. I know right, now I am going to start sounding like a commercial.
"Try our product it's the best!"

Well let me show you what I picked up cause I just did, I didn't really think it through I just thought I would try something a bit different.

I hate to think that I would start to plug products on this blog. I do not want to become a big add with a tiny bit of the important content hidden way in the back. But what can I say when something actually makes my dishes whiter. Even more than I could have done with a whole lot of elbow grease.
So there you have it. My very first Tips and Tricks. I hope you girls have fun when you are mommies and find joy in the most simple finds. Amazing how a mother can get such joy out of dish soap.

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