Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inspired #1

Just a few things I have found over the past while that inspire me. I love vintage children's items and that which is inspired by a simpler time. There is so much out there to be found and enjoyed. Take a look in your moms attic or down the street at your neighbors yard sale. So many treasures that will please the young heart. And oh how the colors and fashions please my heat too.

1: Counting time the old way 2: Vintage inspired pinafore 3: Best friends forever 4: Texture any baby would love 5: Baby Bomber hat, how cute 6: Best overalls ever 7: Fisher price from back in the day 8: 50's dress so sweet 8: 40's hand made toys 9: Vintage lace to finish off any little outfit.

A new outfit made my yours truly has been completed and photographed, now to find the time to post it on Etsy. Till then I will be inspired to keep my eyes open and new ideas flowing. And now that the sun is shining I plan to have a lot more out door moments with my girls. Yay for Summer I hope it comes on true and strong soon. This taste makes me happy and I only want more. (Yes a bit greedy I guess but who can say they don't agree with me?)

Have fun, Enjoy the simple things and keep your eyes open for what is new in every moment.


  1. I would have totally worn out that fisher price toy growing up looks like one of those things i would have loved. The overalls and dress - AWESOME! And the handmade toys are my favorite!

    1. I know hey, I actually have a Fisher Price toy set like that in my baby room at this time. So much fun.


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