Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspired #4: For the Birds.

We have a pole that stands in the midst of one of our lilac bushes. There it stands nothing atop it. Solid and sturdy calling out to be used for something. Well something is in the works even if it be only in my mind at this time.

And here to inspire me a bit more in that direction. Can you guess at the plan?

1: Here is baby bird. Maybe when I have mine done and up on the pole there will be babies at home in there as well. 2: Concrete bird house, I don't have any cement on hand nor am I sure I would know what to do with it.
3: Wall paper to get you in the mood for the building process. Maybe the birds would like to have a wallpapered house. 4: A light to shine bright for at night when you can't see the birds anyhow. 5: Art Deco fashioned birdhouse. I am sad to say my home made project will not look anything like this. Too bad. 6: Modern for the birds. They are moving forward just as the rest of us, are they not? 7: Oh I am trying to remember if I have seen any of these kicking around now. I love it. 8: I do not know if I would have the patience to carve out the inside but this little number sure is great in all it's rustic charm. 9: And to wear on my sleeve when I am not home. Thinking of the birds. 10: Or even on my wrist, why not?

For now I believe my little home made number will be made from the scraps of wood we have kicking around. If my birdhouse is half as good as any one of these I will post pics for you all to see. Till then, out you go and fly free little bird.

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