Monday, March 12, 2012

Winters walk

Yes I know the title is about a winters walk but I had to start out with this. This is what a mother gets for putting the older (three year old) sister in charge of making sure the baby gets fed. I didn't just give up the spoon when she begged to feed little sister I called her in from the other room and said "Okay, I want you to feed Jade". Yup this is what I asked for.

And this is what I got.

I walked in to the scene above and when I ran to get my camera I came back to the scene below.

Then I knew why the face was covered in yogurt.

Big sister is encouraging Jade to feed herself. Fill the spoon..

Place it down on the tray..

And see how much makes it into the mouth. Turns out there is more on the tray and face than ever gets to the mouth. But much fun was had.

Okay, now let's head out for that walk.

Went to the post office and the bank and of course their lunch breaks are staggered over 1 1/2 hours so if you are there in time for after the banks lunch break you are still going to run into a closed post office.

So a walk about town was in order. It didn't matter how long it took to get anywhere cause there was no where we were headed at this time.

So I let Suzie take over the sled pulling duties.

And I let her do it at her own pace. In her own fashion

And I chased around her with a camera, even held up traffic for a minute. I know Oak Lake traffic is crazy stuff. You stand in the middle of the street for an hour and a car might come down there and want to get by.

Suzie did stop to be sure the car passed without hitting her. Cause you know "if a car hits me I will be flat like a pancake, ha ha ha". Yeah it may not sound like she respects them or gets the full threat. But when you are anywhere near a moving car she will rush to hold your hand and is sure to be out of it's way.

Met up with Gab and her boys and walked back to the bank and post office. Then to the co-op for water.

I love a cart baby. Eyes taking it all in hoping to grab at all those pretty packages all around.

Waiting and watching.

Then home again for a snack and some warm milk.

This stuff is great. I started to make this when I was pregnant with Jade. I wanted something warm and sweet. I was cutting chocolate out of my diet completely in hopes of relieving my RLS. I was desperate to calm it as much as possible and caffeine can add to the problem. I'm not sure if cutting chocolate was necessary but it was bad so I came up with replacements to my cravings.

Now I drink it cause I like it. and with no more chocolate milk mix in the house this is my only option (or make some real hot chocolate but like I said I really like this stuff).

Hot milk time is also a great Story time.

So here's what goes in. No measurements just go at it till you like the taste.

She likes the taste.

Jade getting dopey in the high chair.

Seriously this second picture is not just a crop of the first. This is how she was for a good five minutes.

This is Jades location of choice when there is music playing. Right by the speaker and she sings along.


Well I started something new this last week and look forward to filling you in a bit more on what is going down here in this New Life of mine.

Till next time enjoy the spring weather and the cooler days as well. It's coming and if it is anything like the past few months of my life it will disappear so fast I'll hardly believe that it is summer. Cause it's right around the corner.

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