Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casting kids

"I cast all my kids upon you"
Okay let me explain myself a bit here. Suzie listens to psalty records a lot (Yes actual LP's, the same ones I grew up with). And when she comes to this one and sings along with this song, she doesn't get it quit right.
And lately that song is quit fitting for me, especially with Suzie's customized wording.

I have been struggling a bit with this little blonde head. It may look angelic but there is a fiery streak hiding behind all that gold.

I know, even I am looking at these pictures and thinking, "really? was it really that bad yesterday? Can't be." Well some times it just is a struggle. Some days I just don't feel up to being a mother. Some hours seem to drag on so slowly. Yesterday I could have said so much more about this whole thing but today is a different day. I guess it paid off to show her that she may have a strong will but mine is stronger.

Today we had a good day. Today we were more in-tune with each other. Today I scheduled my day a little better. It all paid off.

I am thankful when I remember how to give my time better focus. To take each moment, big or small, and keep my eyes on what is important in that moment.

I am so thankful for my lovely ladies. And the lessons that they teach me without even trying are good lessons to learn. I am thankful for these lessons even if they are hard to hear at the time.

Okay, on from these thoughts to what life is doing in this house these days.


Speaking of records Suzie has found a new time filler. She spends hours sitting on the floor in front of this...

And playing the short read along books that Paul gave me as a Christmas gift our first year of marriage.

And Jade is a big fan.

Suzie has been asking me all winter for one very specific thing. If I mention that the day was warmer. And I mean from -30 to a balmy -15 she would chime in with
"Yeah, mom it's a nice day, let's eat outside"
Girl loves the out doors. So when it was -4 a few days back and she asked again. I thought, sure, have an apple outside even though I couldn't handle it cause it was still too cold for me.

(these pics are taken through the kitchen window) I figured she'd be in after a few minutes...

But she managed to eat the whole thing out there.

Jade wearing a bonnet and sweater that my Grandma made for me (I think).

Eating cheerios out of a container makes them more entertaining. Who wouldn't love to reach into a container to eat food instead of picking it up off the floor?

And then the weather got even nicer. Above 0. Something even I could sit outside with. Turns out little sister love's the outdoors too.

Now if she sees that Suzie is going out she want's to join in the fun.

There were two days when we could open the window without a screen. Then the mosquitoes came. I'm not telling a lie here, I have four itching bits that I am still dealing with from Sunday evening.

So these are the only shots I will have under the kitchen window from this angle. I like it.

Then it was bun dough time. Little lady wants to know what all the racket is about.

Hee hee, I love that smile. It makes my heart melt.

Now I know I promised a post about what new things I have been up to but that is going to have to wait for another day. I am not in the mood at this moment to work on that post so instead I am going to work on another project and sit on the couch with my husband. Both girls are in bed before 8:00, this is a rare moment that I am going to enjoy.
Have a good night all.

Edit: April 9 entered one of the pics of Jade at the record player on this sight for a photo challenge.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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