Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hodge Podge 3

Well a few days later and it is very late, (well 10:30 pm, late for me). So I will run through this real quick to make sure it is not too messy and send it out. This is a 3 instalment in the Hodge Podge series. You can go here and here for parts1 and 2 respectively. Remember this was all written on that first day. Hope you have as much fun reading this as I did writing it.

The Hodge podge of this whole thing is about to get even more disjointed. Suzie is awake and asking me to read a book. I will attempt to do both. I know, good moms stop what they are doing and sit to read books. They also never allow a baby to cry. If this is fact, if you are one of those who manages or managed to always keep the house free from crying then you probably don't have any photos or memories of this....

I am sorry if you do not have these memories cause in all actuality I kind of like these pics.

And I especially laugh every time she does this...

I don't know what brought this act about on her part but it makes me laugh cause I wonder if it is really worth smashing your face into the floor to get what you want.

But she tries it quit often. 

And then there is this.

The baby that crawls up to you at the kitchen sink while you wash dishes or make supper and hopes that a face jammed between your knees will get you to stop what you are doing and pick her up.

And an offered hand is not enough.

She would rather stuff her face into the knees of your jeans.

Till finally she remembers that the offered hand is the chance to be picked up. You touch the hand offered to you as a way of saying please mom.

Of course all that crying leaves your face red and blotchy with tear streaks and wet lashes. And you have got to admit that is some cute tear staining going on there.

And then Sister gets her act in gear to bring joy back into babies life. "mom, I'm making her happy, I'm making Jade laugh."

And if Jade is on the floor crying then Suzie will stop what ever she is doing to swoop down on sister and play pat-a-cake so to bring on this smile.

So maybe I am not the quickest to jump in to make the crying stop but I get to watch as sisters work hard to cheer up their little sisters.

And then there is sleep. Sleep is sweet for all who take part.

And the peace of a baby sleeping is tempting, you just want to dive right on into bed and curl up next to that sweet little person and rest.

So lay back, relax and let the sleep take you in. Unless of course there is a baby crying at your feet. Then maybe the better thing to do would be to grab your camera and take note of what life is like right now, At this exact moment.

P.S. If you do manage to keep the house cry free I am impressed. Keep up the good work. We all do our best and that is what counts.
And on that note I think I too will take heed to my own suggestion at the end of this post and head to bed. 

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  1. I think all Mom's remember those days. My knees were always covered in boogers! ha ha.


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