Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hodge Podge 2

Hodge Podge post were all put together during one nap time. So if you want the whole story in order than start from Hodge podge 1. It turns out that number 2 is being cleaned up by yet another nap coordinated. Yikes two days in a row, be still my beating heart and DO NOT expect a trend of this. On to the 2nd in a 4 part series.

So I figured that I may as well get a few posts thrown together and then send them out in stages. That gives me a chance to clean up the Hodge podge mess a little and keeps you anticipating the posts to come. For though I only post when I feel like it, There are times I feel like it and want one to send one out but really can't seem to find the time nor the inspiration. (usually lack of inspiration is due to the fact that I am juggling and can't handle all three balls in the air at once so I drop the yellow one). As I said in the last hodge podge post I have two girls sleeping at the same time and now I have this freedom that seems to be easily run away with. Oh I do not want it to end but am remembering that I do have to put some sort of flavor into the crock pot meal or it will be a strictly beef taste, and I mean at this point not even a sprinkling of salt has hit that meat.

Meal turned out all right though the cut of beef may not have been the best it still was good.

Ah yes, here we have a whole slue of what is becoming a normal occurrence. Suzie entertaining Jade.

Jade getting in on the action. And just over all sisters starting to play together.

Sharing her food with sister is becoming quit fun as well.

Suzie goes to tickle Jade and says "scrater scrater scrater"....

not sure what it means but it usually get this face.

Suzie discovering that shirts with sequins equals light show.

The Jade dance. As in Suzie hops and jumps, tosses and flails all around the house for Jade. Jade can't help but be mesmerized.

This is how Jade looks while watching the Jade dance.

Suzie's favorite thing to do. "Mom can I listen to a record" Then she stands or sits and looks at the cover while listening or even singing along.

Life is full of loud, happiness when we are willing to take part and enjoy. Sit back and take it all in. The day will come when all is quiet.

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