Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome to my neighborhood

Last year in the very first month there was a pledge going around on Facebook. A promise to get creative in the year ahead. I was heavily pregnant with Jade and had a lot of things on the go but was sure that, having a full year to get my butt in gear, it was a possibility. I did not predict that it would take me to the last week of the year to finish. But I did finish. It was not till the very start of this year I managed to get them sent out but I was happy to say they were done in the year promised.

The promise was that I would send something hand made to the first five commenters on my statues update stating that I was going to get creative in the year 2011. And that I did. I realize that I did not need a promise like this to get me going as I am often fighting off the urge to make things instead of doing the dishes or take care of the house and kids. But it was something fun to do, I enjoyed it a lot. Have the problem was coming up with a plan. Something to make in the first place. But when I came across this little number I was hooked.

Now in the tutorial it says these little homes are easy to make. And this I would probably agree with. I did not find the overall technique to be difficult so to speak. Just time consuming. And I will say the part that frustrated me most, when doing it five times over, was the application of the doors and windows. In fact two the houses almost didn't even get windows.

But in a community where everyone is connected no windows seemed closed off. I had dreams of putting on more than just a few button flowers and doors and windows but again time was running out.

This home was sent to a friend who I knew for a short time in Calgary. I do not hear from her often.

Round windows are a throw back to the house I grew up in. When I was a kid every house I drew had a round window in it. I didn't believe it could be a home without. I loved the round window on either side of our house, the house that my dad built.

The walls of this house are the left overs from a skirt that was given to me by a friend from India. The length was too much for me so I shortened it and the "scraps" are now treasures I get to use in other projects. I sent this house to a friend I met while in India.

This one went to my Aunt. We lived on a farm not too far from them and grew up along side of her kids.

This went to my cousin who is sweet and kind and knows how to enjoy life with those she loves.

This went to my sweet sister in law in B.C. Who lives far but is still a great part of our lives.

As I started to box these little homes up and write out notes to each of the recipients a thought crossed my mind. I could not help feeling the connections that I had with each individual. 

Though some are near and some are far. Some I hear from more often then others. Some I rarely hear from at all. I see how their lives are going via Facebook but that is about all.

With each one life was a little more deeply connected at one time than it may be now. One was a room mate while I lived in India.

One showed me acceptance a little more free than I may have been used to but opened my eye to loving differently than I knew how.

And one is my sister in law who I do not see often but she is forever a part of my family.

Yet another was that younger cousin who drove me crazy cause I just didn't get her. (turns out we are much alike).

And then my Aunt who I saw weekly and spent many a day and hour in her home playing with her kids.

And though I may not see them or hear from them often. That does not make them any less a part of my life. We have moved through a time together that was part of my shaping. It is inevitable that it changed who I am today. There is no way that you can come into contact with some one and not change. For if you "do not change" then you have gone deeper into what you already were and that in itself is a change.

We are all a part of a large community of coming and going faces. Each takes a roll in shaping us and we in part take a roll in shaping them. We can choose how we allow things to effect us and what those changes in our hearts might look like.

And we can choose how we interact with each individual.

Let your door freely swing in so that you heart is open to those around you. But do not be a door mat for them to clean their feet on.

I do so hope that that my path through this life leaves behind a wake of good events but when I have left negative I hope to learn from my mistakes and move on. May your steps be taken with wisdom that you might not tread on the feet of your neighbors but fill their lives with hope and love.

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  1. Beautifully done! You tackled that project and made it so individual and special!


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