Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A trip to the mountains.

I have so few photos of this trip it almost seems rediculous to post about it. I often come away from an event, big or small, regreting the lack of photos. I always wonder why it is I don't have more and often come to the conclusion that I don't know. Until now. I think I know. There are a few.

1: I am too busy taking care of kids. But this is not totally true. You see I am not the soul care giver to the girls and Paul takes a big portion of the job. So that is more of an excuse than a fact.

2: I am too busy visiting and spending time with those that are gathered that I don't take the time to pull out the camera. Now this is in fact a very real truth.

3: I still feel I am not too good at taking indoor pics and find that is often where we are gathered. My confidence in my own skills is low. And this too is a fact and I do not like it. But as of yet have not learnt how to rectify my problem.

All this to say that again I have come and gone from a most enjoyable time with little to show of it. But of what I do have I will share.

It started with an all night drive to my parents place out in Calgary. Suzie spent most of that night playing with her camera. Funny to see all the black photos she took. The camera also has three simple games on it which she played many times.

There was a small bit of sleep after the arrival. and then a day at my folks. That evening we celebrated the birthday of this little guy.
Elias. My youngest brothers youngest little guy.

If you knew my brother when he was this age, you will recognize that face. There is a resemblance there that is uncanny.

There was cake, and as you can tell by Suzie's face she liked the idea of cake.

And then a simple gathering of all who were there for the opening of the gifts. It seems my family is good for the large gathering of humans in a small space.

Case in point. Though there is a larger living room or most any part of the house it seems we desire to be close. So the kitchen was the location of choice.

In the midst of it all the gifts were opened...

With the help of the cousins of course.

The next day it was off to the cabin at the base of the mountain. Castle Mountain. Oh what fun. Snowboarding after four years and two babies. I was nervous but got back into it after a few short runs.

One of the later afternoons we all went out to sled on the lower hills.

Talk about the ultimate sledding hill. The older nieces were learning to snowboard from their dad.

Jade came out for the walk too. Nothing like babies in the snow.

The hill all to ourselves. Too bad the lifts couldn't have been opened for us.

Uncle taking his own two and Suzie down for a ride.

Even Paul took a run. Who needs gloves or snow pants?

Shortly after this picture I was watching some nephews who were further down the hill and wondered why their crying sounded like it was coming from behind me and all muffled. Turns out little bean doesn't like falling face first, down hill into the snow. Go figure. Brush her off and hold her for a bit and she is right as rain.

The whole gang. One family from BC, Mom and Dad and Caleb from Calgary and the other three families from MB all together for three fun filled days on a mountain. So good to be with the brothers and their families again. It is becoming more and more of a rare thing to have all of us in one location.

So though I am short on pictures from our time I have a lot of great memories.  And a few stories to tell. Till next time....


  1. You got some great photos Ang! Some of mine came from my girls taking photos, so maybe you can post Suzie's pics! Gregg has some good ones of you snowboarding, but they are on his phone still... we'll work on that!

  2. Those were great photos, Angie! I bet your mom and dad were so happy to have all their kids and grandkids together in one place. You're right, it is hard to get everyone together in one spot. Looks like you had a blast!


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