Monday, February 6, 2012

"Little Mommy" by Sharon Kane

This little gem of a book was a gift to my older daughter from one of my cousins. She was reminded of this Little Mommy when she watched my girl around the house.

And what a sweet, caring little mommy this Darling girl is.

The book is her telling you about life as a mommy to her three little "children". With an introduction to her dollies as she prepares to send them outside for a bit of play.

She gives details on every day life tasks and the more precious moments like a neighbor coming for tea or the walk with the children out in the buggy. She teaches them their ABC's and makes sure they eat their spinach.

She shows great concern when the one takes ill. Being sure to take every precaution for her safety and well being. When the Doctor calls out the simple diagnosis of it only being the "mumbledy bumps" we all breath a sigh of relief along with the worried little mommy.

She is sure to settle them in well for the night with a few books and a song. These children should indeed sleep well for such care is apparent.

And as a mother reading the last page it rings true to the heart. "We Mommies have such a lot to do. Good night, dollies, I'm sleepy too."
I adore this book for so many reasons. With it's rhyming and sweet pictures it draws in both the mommy reading and the mommy heart of any little girl. Suzie had it by memory in only a few readings. Even now you will hear her mention the "mumbedy bumps". We both take a liking to this book and it is easy to read over and over and over again. For if there is one thing every parent knows, it is this, a child can hear a book more times than you really want to read it. Just be sure to pick out books for your kids that you don't mind reading. I have some in the collection that might just get the boot for the fact that I can't stand them. Enjoy getting to know every detail in those books.

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