Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hodge Podge 1

This post is brought to you by a coordinated nap time. I'm serious, they are both in bed at the same time. And not one to long after the other. So let's see what can be done in this small window of time that can't be done when there are two or even one of them clamoring around the desk with me.

These are common sights to behold while I sit at the computer.

When they say you get used to juggling kids and everything else in life I didn't realize that it was a literal juggling. As in one hand tosses while the other hand catches and if you are really good at it there is one "ball" in the air at all times. Now with that being said no one really knows what those balls are thinking, flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I bet if they had voices it might sound something like my two girls.

As the blue one sores high above head it is asking for a book to be read, or what is happening in this book, or can I play a game on there. 
The red ones flight is even less graceful. It sings a constant song of displeasure. Well not constant as long as it is in the hand of the juggler.

But put it down in turn for the yellow ball and you will hear from it most often.

The yellow ball is silent and does not even make a sound when it is dropped. Of all the balls the yellow one is dropped most often while the other two take turns dominating the jugglers time. That being said I have laid down two of them for a much needed rest and so this one is getting some attention.

Commence blogging.
Oh but first a slight pause to bring out the tea and other treats that I don't really want to share with the young Suzie. Love her to bits but sometimes it is nice to have a quiet cup of tea all to ones self.

Okay, that's better, a bit of chocolate, a few raisins and craisins, and some chia tea to finish it all off.

Here we go....Now if only the photos were all loaded I wouldn't have to sit here and wait. Maybe I should go work on the crock pot dinner. I regret that I am not as learned as Gabrielle is. But I aspire to many greatness's. Just takes more time when there are so many things that I aspire to.

Oh I guess I did not warn you that this was going to be an absolute hodge-podge of a post. In fact it is turning into a mess of four posts over all. or more. I am not yet decided. What I should have said is commence gluing. Bits and pieces of this last month are being thrown into these posts and I am hoping something slightly coherent comes of it. But I am not expecting it nor will I be trying that hard.

Jade finds herself here on occasion when Mom needs to get something done and Dad is working on finding something to watch for the evening. She doesn't usually seem to mind that much.

This is where she likes to be when dad is around though. Right smack dab in the middle of what ever he is working on. Girl wants to discover.

She was all over this attempt at resurrecting a water cooler from the dump.

Turns out there was one simple design flaw in the thing that could not be easily rectified. Dump runners should not take more work to fix than they would cost to buy. There will always be another one to find some other day. Take heart, this home will have a water cooler that dispenses water freely without costing the owners a single penny nor a whole lot of work.

Till then there will be attempts to discover and rejuvinate back into life. Go on out there discover something in your own back yard. Or right in the middle of your house. I bet there is something you forgot you had. Something worth having or taking the time to get rid of. The kids always love it when you pull out old "junk" and let them run wild with it. Hodge podge 2, 3, and 4 yet to come.

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