Monday, February 6, 2012

Disconnected post

AAhhh Yes. the trip. Oh didn't I mention that in here yet? Hmmm. Okay well I am excited about it even if I don't look it. Seeing as the day is upon us to leave I am getting more excited by the minute. Why am I taking time on here to write instead of packing? Well you see we packed last night. And I mean it is all in the car except for the last few items and us. Those can't be done until Paul get's home from work. Then when he does we are out of here. Driving through the night, to Calgary. Yikes!! I really hope this works out for the good. The thought is that the kids will sleep the whole way in the car.

The trip? Where are we going? What is the plan? Well like I said we are going to Calgary but that is not all. The main reason this trip is taking place is cause my brothers and I are going to go SNOWBOARDING!!!!
Yes, Mountains, snow, Boards, boots, Jackets and so on and so on.

Something this exciting, Why have you not heard of it earlier? Well as exciting as this all is there are apprehensions. I will be leaving my husband with the two girls in the cabin at the bottom of the hill. Leaving Paul with the girls is not a big deal except that 1: it is in an unknown location, as in we have never been there before and 2: I have not been on a snowboard or a mountain in four years. In that time I have had two girls. As in pregnancy and delivery of two little humans. I am that many years older (I know, not much in the whole skeem of life but in snowboard years...well I digress).

So all that being said I have been busy getting ready. But here is the long promised photos of the girls shared bedroom as mentioned in passing in this post.

Two beds with a little "hall" between the two.

Suzie's bed.

Jade's crib.

Suzie's shadow box with a few momento's.

The first thing you see when you enter the room.

Jade's shadow box.

(The date I started this post is a week and a few days past now. In between we have gone and returned from the trip that I was working on getting ready for mentioned earlier in this post. A bit of a disconnect is about to hit right about now)

Sweet Blue Eyes

There are two sets of Sweet blue eyes that live in this house.

Sadly it turns out my girls are both sick with a bit of a head cold.

Here is the play room. I have lofty plans for large book shelves full of books and toys. That rocker in the right hand corner is to be moved out of this house. And just more organizing that I dream to have done. (Suzie is holding a parasol my Grandparents brought back from Hawaii when I was a little girl.)

Long before our trip there was a birthday party for our little nephew, Leland. I quickly threw together this little hat for him.

A foot ball on one side.

And a race track on the other.

A little big yet but that is better than too small.

OOOHHH And I caught it. I caught a quick glimps of the single side tooth. My sweet Bean popped the teeth out in the "wrong" order. Starting with the side teeth and not the centers. This leaves her looking a like this great little characters. She does this great little smile that you see here and then she will scrunch her nose up to expose them even more.

 Okay, that is all for now. I hope to post on the trip soon enough. Till then have a great week.

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