Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"One of the other things"

In this post I mentioned something about changing a few things. And on my facebook page here I also mentioned something in one of my updates that I have taken on two more things a week. Well here it is. I am teaching Violin to four wonderful little kiddlets from the families of two of my cousins. And, well, I can't teach lessons without my little lady wanting to get in on the action. One of the four that I am teaching has a 1/16th sized violin the perfect size for my lovely Suzie and they suggested that she give it a try. Here it is.

Yikes she is cute and I can tell by the next picture that she has been watching closely to those around her.

Can I say posture much.

For the first time holding a violin I must say I am impressed. And you see that look in her eyes? That look is screaming "oh, mommy, this is a most wonderful thing, I am exploring something my little mind has been sooo curious about. I am holding a violin. I totally love this" Trust me that is what that look screams. She has a calm way of screaming her thoughts when she is enthralled by something, in awe of it. Oh my dear, sweet Suzie, maybe we can dive a little deeper into this new adventure.

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