Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fun #24 run and jump and play and clean and rest and...

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

My mind is busy full of things that I want/need/like/desire to do. I have a list as long as the road past our house of things that I can't ever seem to get to. Often I am interrupted by something that seems trivial or annoying but can't be ignored. Priorities, what is the most important on my list at this moment? And if i don't have it on the list then maybe I should write it down.

Run and Jump, that is what my girl would do all day if she didn't get distracted by hunger and a mom telling her it is nap time or bed time. Paul and I saw an add last night that just had words across the screen saying this "Think your child is active? think again." We decided they had never actually seen our kid.

And her sister, well she sure would if she could. When Suzie runs through the house little Jade's army crawl turns a little more animated and she does a few of these for good measure.

At this very moment she is doing that while propped up against the bottom stair going to the second floor. She is going to start climbing soon and then our house will have to be locked down, Fort Knox style. Oh, I am holding off as long as possible.

But that innocent smile is not so innocent. She knows where trouble is and goes looking for it.

(this little track suit made from a hoodie that I got second hand from some one. Too small for me but a few snips and a little thread and baby has a new outfit. Idea here just used a sweatshirt vs.sweater)

The neck is a little big for the baby but that just adds to the cuteness.

This little lady is growing into her own. Now if she is playing on the floor and I just look over from whatever it is I am doing and catch her eye she gives me one of these. How can you go wrong?

And those blue eyes sure dig deep when they look into you.

Here comes a session of Suzie/Jade play.

Sisters spend a lot of time together. If I put Jade to bed with out telling Suzie that is where she is going, Suzie will ask where Jade went. She has a part of her mind on her sister at all times.

It has begun. The mouse wielding skills have been set in motion. The fact that it has taken till now is actually a little surprising to me as her father is the great computer man. But there were not any instructions needed. Girl took to the mouse like a fish to water. Guess she has been paying close attention. 

When Paul started this program in motion this was Suzie's first reaction.

She literally fell into him with a hug. Such a treat.

One session of shapes with Elmo taught her what a rectangle is. She's got that one down.

And here is what I have been up to. Okay, not really. The kitchen floor is a rare thing but who wants to clean a floor that will immediately be covered in soggy cheerios, fresh cooked eggs and baby drool? But I have been cleaning house. As in spring cleaning style. Trying to get rid of things I no longer need/use. Re-arranging rooms and shelves to get more things organized.

Jade just happened to get a kick out of the swiffer which gave me a chance at the dishes.

Wish I looked that excited about using a Swiffer.

And there it is again. The plank position.

Keep active. Get out when you can cause that weathers going to get nice again soon. Just don't get upset when it is interrupted by a need that you don't really feel is necessary but in fact can't be avoided. The interruptions may be frustrating but when you have finished the task at hand you can go back to the Running, Jumping, Playing, Resting, or cleaning that has got your mind reeling with excitement.

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  1. That outfit just made its way to my "to-do" list.


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