Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Lady Quotes

"He broke a eye"


"Wawy, he broke his eye and then he taked it off and got a new one"

"oh, right, Wally, Yes he did"

"and it got dark outside for Wally and then he went to sleep. And the white guy, he went......"

"Oh is the white guy Eve?"

"Yeah, Eve, and Wawy says 'Evea'. and then he broke a eye and then he got a new one. And he taked it off and put on a new eye. This one (pointing to her left eye) That's the eye that he taked off. And Wawy maked a mess."

"Oh, did he? With what did he make a mess?"

"Stuff and things. And then Eve turned off. How did she turn off?"

"Well when she finds the plant she goes into stand by so the ship can come and get her and the plant is protected."

"Yeah and then it went down the hole and then it went on his head and he came up and it was kind of like a hat. That's silly!"

And so goes the breakfast conversation.

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