Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Post part 1

This post brought to you by one sleeping three year old and one tin bowl. Baby loves that tin bowl.

Ah yes the new year has hit and I am already behind. But get this. I have something I am trying to change and so far I have stuck to it pretty well. You want to know what that is don't you. Okay there are two things I am trying to change around here, actually make that four and five. Maybe in fact the list is really long and I don't want to go into a full disclosure. I will get to some of the main two. Ha ha I said some and then gave a number.

1: Do not post on the blog because you have to. Remember what you said in the very start, "this is sort of a personal diary, to keep a record of what happens here at home". And definitely do not post or write a blog post that you are not really feeling is true to you.

Now let me explain myself a bit here. I will admit I would see some of these more well known bloggers and I want to be like them. I wanted the followers to flock to my little spot on the net here in hopes that I would one day be well read. As in a lot of people would read my blog. I have come to the conclusion that when I tried for this to happen I would not write my posts when I was "feeling it". I would write because "today is Monday I haven't written since Friday, what if people stop checking in on my blog?" BOOO on me for that.

As well I was afraid of writing in my own style cause it is maybe not the most typical or maybe it doesn't flow real smooth while reading it. (Jade is crawling around the floor with a plastic child's comb hanging out of her mouth.) But enough of that, cause fact is, this is my space and you, my precious few readers, are given a glimpse into our world from my view. (wow this is getting longer than I expected.)

2: Work out ever day of the week cause man that snowboard trip at the end of the month is going to be sheer death at the rate I am going.

This second one is going all right. I may not have started first thing this month but we are now 4 for 5 days. I know it takes three weeks to create a habit. I say it takes a snowboard trip planned and booked to kick this ones butt in gear.

And because number 2 is pretty important at this time it will take priority over the blog. Cause truth be told I want to be able to pick up my baby girl after a day of snowboarding and not fear that I will drop her or fall to the floor with aching, tired body.

So there you have the two that I am going to share. The others are really boring and have to do with the kayos that is my home. You may not see it when you enter but I am really good at hiding the messed up spots. They're all in the closets.

Now to what our own little Christmas looked like with us four. Yes I am going back that far. But I want to cause it will help explain some things that I want to post about later.

Never mind, as I got to laying out the next part of this post I realised that it was becoming far too drawn out even for me. And the disconnect that was taking place after this becoming a two days in length writing session was more that I liked to take part in. So now I am splitting it in two. This is part one, just as the title says. Even though the title says Christmas and it seems I have not said much about that holiday it is still a part of the whole picture. So here a two pictures to set fill in the need to have a photo. Cause if we are getting down to having the posts the way I would like to see them I will admit that I feel gypped when a photo blog has no photo.

So there you have part one. Stay tuned cause part 2 is in the works. Hope you are having a great week and do not have an 8 month old sitting at your feet crying because, well the only thing you can think of is that it is because her tooth is coming in and she just really hates that. I will go and hold mine now, even though I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why just being held, while standing, makes her mouth feel better. Got to love what is not understandable.
Keep the peace so to speak.


  1. Angie, your blog is so fantastic to read! I come flocking to it often! Happy New Year...we get to see 2 of your brothers this weekend. Hopefully we'll all meet up sometime in 2012!


  2. Thanks Randi, It is a joy to write when I keep in perspective why I am doing it. And indeed I hope we meet up this year for I miss you guys a whole ton of bricks.


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