Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas post part 2

Just as I promised. Part 2. I am coming to terms with a new concept. The girls are up at 6:30 and there is no point in trying to stay in bed when they are awake. Yeah I know, really "new" concept. So instead of getting in and out of bed every five minutes to keep the girls happy so I can "sleep" in I am going to attempt to get stuff done. Go figure. Use the time I have? really? not just sit around pitying my not sleeping in and enjoy this early morning bliss. I'll let you know how it goes. Today is day two with this new bit of info. 

Now again,
I digress............
Christmas gifts were wrapped on the eve before Christmas morning. We (the girls and I) were home late from a day at the farm.  We had stopped in real quick at the church next door for a small portion of the Christmas eve service. Only long enough to see the end of the little pageant and just before they started to light the candles. One day I will stay longer but that was more than enough for a three year old who was trying to be quiet and has no clue what that means when there are so many things to ask questions about. And, frankly, when she started to ask what the candles were for and could she have one too, I knew that I would not be able to contain her and the Jade Bean with just my two hands. We walked back home in the gentle cool of the night and the girls went to bed. At that time I got all the gifts wrapped. What a freedom to remember that they don't care what the gifts look like or even if it is completely covered in paper or not. Just some to tare off was more than enough.

Then Jade woke up for a bit as seen above.

 Next morning I popped breakfast in the oven and then continued on to the loot under the tree.

I missed it last year but I hope to take a pic of the girls in front of the tree every year.

How much fun is this? Suzie in 2009.

And here is the unpacking of the stocking.

Just a quick side note on Suzie's shirt. That is something she found in the toy box at Grampa and Gramma Kroekers house. It was an old nightie of her Aunt Mandi's that Gramma had cut the bottom off for the dolls to use. Suzie came upstairs holding it and very politly asked Gramma, "what is this?" When Gramma told her what it was and would she like to put it on Suzie was out of her shirt and into this one faster than you can say "quick as a wink". She wore it for two nights and three days. Every time it came to a new part of the day the shirt would magicly change from either a "regular shirt" or a "pajamas shirt". What ever it took that I would not make her remove it.

Yes I know there are a lot of these in a row but I love the looks that she has and could not choose just one or two.

This was how Jade occupied her time while Suzie enjoyed the spoils of her stocking.

And this.....

And this.

Then Suzie opened her main gift from Paul and I.

The Camera.

Oh how this camera is just what I had hoped it would be.

How many times in a day do I hear Suzie in any given corner of the house call out suddenly that "I need to take a picture of this". And promptly runs to fetch this little pink beauty.

She has gotten good at  using the LCD screen on the back to view what she is taking a picture of and not trying to use it as the lens.

Then it was time for breakfast. And egg dish and biscuits cut out with Christmas cookie cutters.

The rest of the morning and afternoon were lazy times just hanging out. And even a nap for all in the house.
When it was time to start putting supper together we went for a walk instead. So dinner would be late but that rediculously beautiful weather could not be left un-enjoyed. (I may be making up words and spellings here to help in the description of the day)

This little girls puts stuff in her mouth all the time and if there is not a soother in there then the jacket is fare game.

Yes, this is Christmas day, And yes there is really no snow in this corner of the yard.

As you can see there really was not much snow. I have had very mixed feelings about the lack of snow this year (our yard is still mostly bare). On the one hand it is really not that pretty to look at and on the other hand the warmth has made it possible for swinging on Christmas day and all kinds of outings.

This little lady loves a good swinging.

And then home for a little jump on the little dump runner trampoline.

Jade had just started to eat Cheerios. These are a great time filler. One thing I have learnt since then is that just cause there are Cheerios on her try does not mean she is satisfied for long. If I have food on my plate the Cheerios have become floor food.

See, Camera. We have pictures of bottoms of bags, a lot of floor, a few walls, and then some shaky shots of people and items all through out the house.

Floor puzzle from moms childhood collection.

(camera is within arms reach.)

Playing with the Lego set from Gramma Kroeker. (I am serious that this little chicken tending Gramma looks just like the gift giver)

Jade army crawling from here to there.

And now it is time for tea. She got two tea sets as gifts and there is nothing like tea and a song.

And a final shot of our budding photographer. At this very moment she is down stairs wielding a computer mouse like it's nobodies business. Her first time with a mouse and my first time trying to figure out how long she is going to play at any given time. For though I love the fact the she is occupied I do not want her to become like me, computer screen eyes. So I guess what we might need to do is have a time limit for both of us. (ha ha that put a smile on my face). Self control, is the very best way to go.
So that being said I guess I should go now and do something else in hopes of encouraging a well rounded girl. May your week be full of good things and let the "bad" things strengthen your heart.

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