Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fun #21 the sick version.

Okay, so remember this? Part way through this post I have a visitor that I mention I have plans with. Well because my girls and I are sick the plans have been put off for a few days. We were to go over to her house today but now we are going to wait for Monday. I hope we are better by then.

On with the Friday Fun.

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

There is a strong smell of onions, honey and cloves floating through the air. Five cloves of garlic sitting on the counter waiting to boil in some water. And cut up onions in bowls in the girls rooms. Let me just say, Paul is going to come home and wonder what hit him. You see, I am attempting to bring comfort to my girls stuffy noses and over all cold issues. The onions, cloves and honey were boiled together to make a home made cough syrup. Suzie doesn't like it much. Onions in there rooms is supposed to help with congestion. Let me just say, I feel pretty loose in the nasal cavities right now myself. (Jade has her mouth on the arm of my sweater and is humming to herself. I believe my arm will be wet when she is done. Yup, girls loves fabric in her mouth.)

Anyhow on with the fun. 
Yesterday, before I knew my girls were getting sick, even though this signs were clear now that I think about it, we went for a walk to the bank and the post office. On the way Suzie saw the local Christmas tree. It was lite up but not even dark out and she saw it from a block and a half away. She wanted to go check it out so that is just what we did.

It is sad to me that there is not much snow but that is what we get for having warmer weather in November. It will be ridiculously snowy soon enough.

Suzie went all around that tree pointing out the colors. "oh it's green. and there's a pink one....."

Seriously, look at that curious smile. How could one say no to the excitement of a child.

We have not managed to set up the tree in this house but I am getting excited to do it now. This little girl will be beside herself.

Oh sweet Suzie, be always full of joy at life's little wonders. May your sweet eyes always be open to the lights that are all around you.

Over supper the other day she looks up at me and says "Mommy, you're wonderful. You're great. Mommy, you're my favorite Mommy daughter." I always tell her she is my favorite Suzie daughter.

This was Jade's opinion of our time at the tree.

Ipod pics from the week.

Here comes the weekend. I hope you're ready for it cause I am not sure if I am.

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