Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy Birthday season

The Two of us have had our birthdays once again. It is amazing how hectic this time is. I think two birthdays one right after the other has it's benefits and its down sides. Benefit, two for the price of one so to speak. Down side, I feel crazy busy for a few crazy days in a row. But fun to share with my daughter.

We were over at Paul's parents place for birthday supper on Sat. Suzie got a new shirt and pants from Gramma and Grampa K, which she put on immediately. She also got an adorable stuffed Kitty from Uncle Ross and Auntie Nikki that Aunt Nikki made. As well as a necklace and bracelet. The Kitty sleeps in bed with her right now. And a new six in one book that she is always asking me to read. Which I must say I don't mind cause new books are always a welcome thing as she wants to be read to often.

In the mail

Three cards.

She loves to open her letters. Paul didn't know that she has the skill down pat. Seeing as she is allowed to open all the junk mail around here she has her skill well practiced up.

EEEE! Five dollars "does this go in my piggy bank?" Sweet girl doesn't know that money can buy her things yet. One day she will know and will be well saved up for the day.

Reading cards is serious business.

Playing on the ipod in the back ground. The cake that we had for her at home on her birthday.

Three candles for my three year old.

Inside of the cake.

Her gift from Auntie Christie and family. Two more new to us books, a note pad, and a roll up crayon holder.

The gift I threw together a few days before when it suddenly crossed my mind that I could make one and didn't have to buy one. She wouldn't know that it is not perfect. It went to bed with her that night and has gone there since.

Her very own "Grumpy bird"

My gifts from Paul's family.

Earrings from Paul's sister Mandi. She made them herself.

Necklace from Nikki and Ross.

A clock that Paul's mom made for me. She said if I wanted to hang it by my sewing machine. I told her I would love that but that place is far to crowded, I barely have room for said sewing machine. Instead I have it hanging in the living room.

There is still money to put towards gifts from my mom for the both of us. I have been so far behind though that we have not ordered the gifts yet. There is going to be a new "mugits" record in this house very soon for dear Suzie. I can't wait for her to get it. (and no we still have not corrected her pronunciation of that word. Some things you just don't want them to grow out of. Soon, we don't plan on her saying it that way when she moves on to university.)

And now Dec. is rushing in on me and my brain says that there is too much going on in there to focus on anything properly. I try to tell it is wrong but it really is hard to clearly put down my thought here. So for now I will sign out and hope to have a post a little more dedicated to who my three year old is and not just that she turned three.
In the mean time I will try to clear my brain of busy conglomerations of plans for the holidays.

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