Monday, December 5, 2011


The Monthly feature will survive a busy mothers schedule. It just might have to be a little behind and miss a month here and there. Thankfully this month it is only a little late and not missed completely. (Just as a side note January will be missed for I am ridiculously busy this month to make it happen for then, I hope to resume on our regular schedule for Feb.)

But on to Decembers featured artist. For this month we got to go and visit our artist as she is a dear friend of ours. We often share tea here in our home, it is just easier for me with the kids. But I find it such a pleasure to enter her lovely home out in the country. And tea was lovely indeed.

This is where the fun comes in. She does tea parties.

Let me show you what this might look like.

Tea and treats to be shared amongst friends and good company. Both tasty and pleasing to the eye.

Make a time for you and a few friends. Anywhere from five to ten in the winter and twelve to fifteen in the summer. In the warmer weather you get to eat out on that lovely front deck.

She will also do a luncheon if you so desire just be sure to book a week or two in advance.

I have to say that the time we had was quite enjoyable. She and my two daughters made for a lot of fun.

Once you have enjoyed your tea you can take a tour of the relaxation that is her home.

Every corner holds some little item of interest and there is much to look at and enjoy. (in the bottom right hand corner is a little dog bed that she made, there will be more on this in a bit)

And with that I lead you to the next part of her "work".

Her furniture building.

She can build most anything you might like and does custom work.

This trunk was made from old barn wood, the straps are horse leather, and the nails are salvaged as well.

There were more items but my photos of them did not turn out.

So the next time you and a few friends are looking for a quiet place to take your visit, where tea and cakes are provided, be sure to contact her.

There will be a link to her Facebook page to the right and you can message her there for more info.

Be Welcome to a cozy occasion and enjoy some fun in this small town. Here is combined beauty with relaxation in a quiet place out in the country. Enjoy the world around you.


  1. Beautiful.. I love her house and all her creativity. Next time I'm out that way I want to stop by. Just wondering if there is a way I can make your lettering in the ( )'s larger? I can't read it on my computer, and I am feeling very dumb about it :)

  2. Hmmm, I don't know about the lettering. I didn't realise that some might not be able to read those. I guess I won't be using that feature any more. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Wow! i want to go to Melissa's for tea! Amazing spread she puts on! I know you would, too, Ange. And that furniture she!


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