Friday, November 4, 2011

Enjoy every bit of the storm.

This week contained, with much difficulty, this little fire ball. As in how can you contain someone so full of life and love and energy?

As I scanned through the pictures from this short session I could feel my face changing from big smiles to goofy grins to serious considerations and right back through them all. I am amazed and in wonder of this little person that daily shows me things I did not know about her.

And I marvel at what she is and will become. It is all so evident in the fleeting moments that I should be able to grasp a full understanding of her being. And then she shocks me and shows something new. Another wonder in the depths of her soul.

The little lady who lives behind those eyes is full of new experiences and glorious discoveries to come.

And when I saw this picture I got a glimpse of a grown girl and it shocked me.

Last night she asked to go outside after supper. I was not at all desirous to get all bundled up and package up Jade but when she said, "Mommy let's go for a walk". I thought that could be a good thing after all. So we got dressed for the outdoors and headed out.

As we walked she talked about the moon and how it was dark out.
"When it gets dark the lights come on. There are lot's and lot's of lights. I went Trick-or-Treating. And I went to that house that house."

"It's really quiet out right now." Said with a quiet voice
"What is that, Suzie?"
"It's really quiet out, mom."

"You know what I love about right now Suzie? I love our two shadows walking down the street, holding hands. I love your little voice talking in the night. What do you love about right now?"

"I love the sky dark way up there."


Found this little gem in some of my moms old stuff that is in storage nearby.

Suzie really likes it.

The weather has been nice this past week which we have been enjoying as best we can as it is supposed to rain and then snow over the weekend.
Oh here comes the winter. I am not sure I am prepared for this.

And this little lady is finding motion all around the floor now. She scwirms and worms her way back and forth. Rolling this way and that.

Here is what Suzie wore for Trick-or-treating this year. I showed her pictures from last year. I told her that she was a pirate/cowboy. Asking her what she wanted to be this year it was clear, cowboy. So I whipped up this little number the morning of and was still not sure if she would put it on. She is not big into dressing up.

Also whipped up Jades little get up in about half an hour as I found a costume online that was too easy and cute to pass up.

This is the top half

and if you look in that pram there are six legs to many. My little octopus. She rode around in that pram all evening, from about 5 to 8:30.

One nephew as Boba Fett

another as a giraffe, and a niece as a princess.

And two Lego pieces.

Jesse got a bit tired and so his wife gave him a little ride around town.

He did not slack on his duties to his son though, he was sure to hold his hand to keep him from falling.

And Suzie's loot is a bit expanded from last years.

This little lady is growing in her confidence. She is rarely found laying on her side, crying, in an awkward position. She is growing up so very much.

This little time was taken shortly after a nap.

The sleep lines still evident below her left eye.

Life is crazy busy and crazy calm all in a whirl wind fashion. Standing in the eye of the storm, there is calm surrounded by a busy wall of kayos. I love my kayos. It is now made up of two little beings swirling around my being.

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