Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ahhhh here they are! The pics from some time back that have been totally worth the wait.

My featured seller/artist/friend is none other than my dear cousin Jody Evangeline from Photography by Evangeline.

Now You may not know this but you have been waiting longer for these than I have. I did receive them sometime back but they had to wait till this month to make an appearance here for this featured thing is only once a month. Trust me though, I have been longing for this day for quit some time.

My dear, sweet cousin came out for a few hours and just hung out with my two girls and I  in the flower garden here in town. This is back when there were flowers and warmer weather to be enjoyed.

And that is precisely what we did. ENJOY!!

This girl may appear to be in motion at all times but it is true that she rests off and on, here and there. It is just hard to tell with the blur going by.

See. Stopped. (oh I do so love her studying eye in this picture.)

If you are doing anything anytime soon that requires a moment to be caught on film.

And I mean anything. Spending time looking at acorns is an important occasion that should most definitely be captured. Than Evangeline is the woman to call, or contact.

I have yet to get any of these framed but believe me when I tell you that I have dreams of these wonderful nuggets hanging all over my house.

(again with the studying)

This was a most enjoyable morning that was spent with my dear girls and a dear cousin.

There are so many pictures to choose from, you are only getting a sampling.

Jody, I want to thank you for these moments that you have captured. They are treasured in my heart.
I am proud to say you are my cousin and friend and not only because of the stellar photos that you take.  Looking forward to seeing you again.

There will be a link to Evangeline's facebook page on the right for the month of November. After that you will find it on the featured page.

Keep tuned to this channel for a monthly get together, whether it be via internet or in person, with an artist of my choosing. If you know of someone or are someone who would be interested in being featured here please contact me.

P.S. the new header came from this photo shoot.

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  1. Love love love these photos! You and your girls are so beautiful Ang! And Jody did an awesome job of capturing you enjoying your happy day!


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