Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ready but not quit there yet

Jade is sitting. Well, that is maybe a bit of an over statement. She is easily supported and bobbles around like a weeble wobble. Though if not supported she will fall down.

Here let me show you what I mean by sitting.

There are blankets and such stuffing her in there but she is in there.

And not even too upset about it. More just her wide eyed usual self. I have tried a very few attempts at solid foods but they only bring on the inevitable gag reflex with a bit of chocking sounds for good measure. At only five and a half months I don't push it too hard. She just really thinks she wants in on the big people food. I bring a spoon close to her mouth and she opens wide. She knows where that tool goes just not what to do with the content.


On the weekend we had a few impromptu outings. Grab those moments and run with them.
First up, the museum at our local army base. Tanks and big guns, much to be read and no chance of reading it with two under three in tow. No worries, we had fun.

Suzie rode in the car with Gramma and Grampa. Guess she told them she was really tired at one point. When Gramma looked back to see if she was having fun she was out like a light. (I normally would not do this effect on a photo but only thought it fair to the owners of the grey vehicle to blur out their license number. This was the easiest, quickest way.)

I carried the kid so Paul carried the camera.

Suzie had to join the big kids, climbing up on the big guns.


Sunday morning we planned to get some things done that were meant for Saturday but got bumped by the impromptu outing. Paul was off to find a friend who was going to do a small job for Paul's parents. He took Suzie along and was off. I got a call 15 minutes later asking me if I wanted to join Suzie and him at the school playground. I admit I had a moment of thought that went something like this. "hmm, I don't know if I should go, maybe I should hang some laundry or do some dishes." Then I realized what ridicules thoughts. Paul has invited me, spur of the moment, to join him and our daughter on the swings and I am going to put Jade down and hang laundry? Really?


I like a good swing session much more than getting stuff done.

It was a lovely fall day with just the right amount of cool breeze mixed in with a warm sun beaming down.

And a simple set of swings.

These two love to spend time together.

I absolutely adore that smile. It comes from the heart of a happy little Suzie Bonkers.


After Paul got done the planned work he wanted to relax in the house. I was not sure I wanted to have the TV on yet as it was still early evening. Turns out that was not what he had in mind when he said he wanted to sit on the couch.

(Suzie jumping in hopes of entertaining Jade)

Suzie really took to playing with Lego as in she took to gathering all the wheels and men and any other interesting Lego item and lining them along the coffee table.

And then the house that Paul built was finished. Suzie kept asking for more and more windows and doors so He decided to build a two story home for the little people.

A little world all her own.

She is ready to play with Lego on a regular basis but we're not quit there yet. It seems the Lego finds itself in pieces when she takes to it. Don't know what it is but she finds it more interesting when the car is one wheel less than a four wheel drive or the blinds are laying on the couch instead of shading the windows. Not sure I am ready for a house full of Lego bits laying around especially when Jade's crawling may be right around the corner.

This weekend  will be a Thank giving feast at the Kroeker farm and tomorrow I get to see a friend from Calgary that I have not seen since I was pregnant with Suzie. Looking forward to the times spent visiting and catching up. Hope you have a happy Thanks giving.

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