Sunday, October 2, 2011


The feature is a once a month project that I have been very slack on.  I do hope to make it more consistent but find I am a slow learner as it comes to being in contact with my featured artists at a reasonable time. I am not used to "deadlines" other than the ones I make for myself and the nice thing about self made deadlines is that I am the only one who really knows about it. Now I am setting things up for you all to see how badly my time management can really be.

This month I got to go back to Etsy for my purchase of choice. I say "got to" because there are many shops in this virtual mall that intrigue me and I do not give into buying for myself. So now that I see how easy it really is to use and find that online shopping is much more simple when you have two in tow, I am window shopping freely with the occasional stop in. And the purchase of choice this month was a birthday gift for Paul's Sister.

Don't you just want to open that sweet little package? I sure did.


No, I couldn't resist and what a little beauty, totally worth it.

She also enjoyed opening it.

The artist has a description of what this seed is made from on her sight.
"Manjadikuru are the magical seeds from India, known as Circassian seeds in U.S & Britain and Jumbie beads in the Caribbean. Ever since I was a kid, I have been an obsessive collector of these beautiful bright red seeds, showering down from hundreds of dried pods from the manjadi tree, which is the "good luck tree" of India. They are soooo beautiful, that I couldn't resist using them in my jewelry any more :)" Devi Chand  

Other works by Devi really have my interest. I love these guys...

And who wouldn't be smiling while wearing these, even if it were a rainy day.

I love this couple. They tell their own story of love and friendship only to be separated and then brought back together again at the end of a day.

Another great artist. I so enjoyed ordering this necklace and receiving it in the mail. I get a kick out of the fact that with online shopping there is the opportunity to shop world wide and not just in your own corner.

Take part in the world around you and enjoy what those next to you and far off can produce. Encourage the creative ones and be encouraged.

I will have a link to Devi's shop at the right for the month of Oct. until the next artist is featured. After that the link will be moved to the "Featured" page.


  1. So cute! Loved your shots of them displayed!

  2. Oh thank you so much for featuring me, Angie :) I really enjoyed the 'opening the package' part :) Glad your sister in law likes it :)


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