Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fun #14

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

This weeks photos give only a small picture of life. They do not show you the struggle I seem to be having with keeping the kitchen livable. Okay it isn't that bad just bad enough that every time I would enter in to put together any sort of food, I had to wade through a thigh high mountain of dishes. Along with all the crumbs on the floor and the sticky spots where food had been dropped it was an "enter at your own risk" sort of situation. I don't take photos of that. I don't want to remember that I can't seem to keep the place in order these days. Yes, I am just getting over a short five day cold that had set me quit useless but it feels like this has been going on longer than just five days. I am trying to rangel two kids who seem to need my constant attention and a kitchen/house that wants the same.

So last night when I managed to get all of yesterdays lunch, supper, and baking dishes washed as well as bread baked and the dishes from today off the counter I felt it reason to rejoice. When I look at a kitchen that is clean with no little catch all bowls in hidden corners and the baby monitor tucked away, the stack of dishes reduced to suppers alone and the floor swept and washed, I feel a sense of calm come over me.

My Zen moment, My peace of mind. It all comes back to me, the reason I spend time keeping this house clean. I had put it on the back burner to get the quilts done and now that they have been sent on their merry ways I can get back to normal life. Now I just need to stick to my guns. I need to remember how this tidy house is truly peace for my soul.

When I went outside with Suzie, with the kitchen presentable to the queen, I had no problem saying "sure" when she said "let's go on a walk".

When asked where she wanted to go the first choice was Aunty Gabs. I told her that probably wouldn't work today
"Where else would you like to go"

"How about the Poss office"

"Yeah? why the post office?"

"Cause I jus lllove it"

"Why do you love it?"

"Cause it makes me happy"

"Why does it make you happy?"

"Cause I just Love it"

"Why do you love it?"

"Cause I just LLove all thee peoples"
So the post office it was and then I decided to take her to the small play ground at the school. She often asks to go to the big slide but it is during school hours.

"Mom, it's Red!" 

"That's pretty, I love that."

"Mom, you need to take a piture"

She enjoyed the park in a much more grown up way. She actually played instead of wanting me to do things for her.

My grown up little girl who knows how to get on a swing all on her own.

I know a clean house is not as important as this one and her sister but I must say, that at times, I feel I am better able to enjoy them when the house and life are in order. No distractions. Just pure park enjoyment.

Don't feel bad about those days when the house is neglected. But remember that when it does get to the point where it has been grating on your nerves for too long there is nothing wrong with telling your kids to go play in the living room while you bring that mountain back down to a mole hill. Something you can dig at that will show progress. When you have it all cleaned up you can sit out in the sun and not hear the mountain tapping at your kitchen window.

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