Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catch up.

"Mom It's a train"

Sure enough the little lady "strung" together a bunch of play dough discs and made a train.

"Fans mom, there's two of them"

Again, that is very much what they are, maybe don't move much air but you get the idea.

And she was mighty proud of them.

I say with good reason. She put them together herself with no idea prompting from me.

Here she is giving her smile.

I know what it is to be proud of something I have put together. These two beauties were brought into action for the Kroeker Thanks giving dinner. I decided the cranberry pecan pie was gorgeous and was curious if you could taste gorgeous. I have come to the conclusion that it is possible. Gorgeous tastes like cranberry pecan pie.

After Super was a hodge podge of family fun.

Babies to be passed around.

or free of for a minute

Tossed in the air for good fun

Watch them as they mess about the house.

Or grow into young little children.

Visiting with this family is such a wonderful blessing.

This is a Gramma who knows how to laugh at the adorable faces that a crying baby makes. The Babies don't know what we adults know. Life is really not that bad. You are well taken care of and will continue to be loved always and forever. Maybe Gramma is just laughing at little ladies silhouette in that diaper.

Uncles teaching their nephews the dance moves he makes with his daughters. It was a weekend full of family. Just wish my family all lived close by so that we could have more get togethers, like this one, with all that I love.


Monday was spent cleaning up the basement. It has been in transition for some time from Paul's business to just a living space. A lot of inventory to go through and get rid of. As in old computer stuff that is of no use to us any more.

Jade is rocking her basket siting skills. Upping her time and quality. She no longer needs blankets all tucked in around her. She falls over sometimes but not too often.

She actually enjoys hanging out in there, A lot.

Hope that gives you a hint of the goings ons around here. I think I don't know when I will be able to focus again. I feel all frazzled these days. Guess it comes with having kids and feeling crazy even when nothing to drastic is going on.

One day I will put together some less spastic posts. Or maybe not. Maybe that is just my way and I should take pride in it. Some might think that she should have used all the same length sticks to better portray a fan, But little lady knew what she was thinking and is proud of her work.

Happy busy days to you all.

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