Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun #16

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

Went to the post office cause it was time to get out of the house and Suzie does love a good trip to the post office. 

I had brought along the camera with a low battery so I was sure to pack along the extra. Turns out that one was dead as well. But that didn't ruin the fun.

There was a card in the mail for Suzie. A just-for-fun-cause-we-love-you card from G-Gramma and G-Grampa.

She had great fun opening the windows to discover a monkey, lion, zebra and Turtle.

I read her the card three times or so and then I heard her "reading" it.

"To Suzie, we see on the computer that you like the post office. You are a good big sister".

"Mom you read it again. Read the part about Jader Bean"

There was no part about Jader bean just that Suzie is a good big sister. But that is the big sister that she is, wants her little sis to be a part of everything.

Thanks for the card Gramma, I think I enjoyed it just as much as she did.


For super today it was supposed to be beef short ribs. It was supposed to be ready when Paul got home from work. What was to be was not. Once the beef was in the slow cooker and partially heated up I started to add the bbq sauce only to find that it was mostly gone. So was the Ketchup. The ribs were in too late. It was not ready. So we tried them and decided to add the last of the sauce and have it cook more. We were hungry. Supper was not ready and this is what took place.

If you want to open a jar of bbq sauce that has been standing up on end after it has been in the fridge just be prepared. That is all.


Suzie found an ear plug and was asking what it was. We told her and she later told me "mom, it's in Jades ear".

"Oh, Suzie n....Ha never mind, that's fine."

Have a great Weekend all.

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