Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mostly a photo post.

This weeks photos:

:: Going to the post office is worth so much more when the train passes by.

I love this little girl. She is growing up so much these days. She is starting to observe the world in new ways every day.

"It's loud, Mom the train is loud. There's two of them!!"

That does give reason to dance.

Those two passing trains brought a lot of entertainment to our little lives. I love how she finds such joy in small things.

Jades reaction to the trains going by. It seems at times that she won't sleep through anything and then this happens. Obviously it all depends on how tired she is

:: Off to Alex and Gabs for some fun in their swing and with the cousins.

Paul often looks down at Jade with these words "hello blue eyes poking out at me."

:: Lulu going for a ride.

:: Hello Blue eyes

:: Jade is really starting to get the hang of sitting.

This basket is really a great place for her to spend time. She has gotten so focused on her toys that she didn't notice Paul crouching down to say hello to her. She totally jumped.

This day she was a bit sad on being left alone but that had more to do with the second tooth working it's way through the gums. It seems to be a long painful journey that a new tooth must take.

:: Fall brings out such great colors in the world around us.

The cool air with the warm sun.

The smells in the air,  the fresh crisp air. It screams pies and soups. It says get ready to hunker down for a long cold winter. I just wish it lasted longer and didn't usher winter in as quickly as it often seems to do.

Here in MB winter seems to come in fiercely and hang on tight with an ice cold grip.

Till then the girls and I will spend as much time out in the warmth of the sun. Just loving life. Enjoying that which is around us.

Enjoy the warm world around you, for even on the cold nights there is the warmth of love.

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