Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby Blankets Galore

Not Galore, just two. Well not Just two. Two baby blankets made in the past few months. The squares had been sewn when I was still pregnant with Jade. Also the top of the second one shown here was sewn together but had not even been basted into the quilt sandwich. So here we go.

This time around I didn't take any process photos and now I wish I had. I now know better for next time.

Blanket number two of this batch, Blanket number 4 all together. This one went to Baby Charlie.

I don't really have much to say about the blankets. Let the photos speak for themselves and me.

I will say, I do sooo love making these. I find such joy watching them come together piece by piece, step by step.

I never know what the final out come will be. Often each step is decided before I even have a clue as to what fabric will be used in the next. For instance the top is put together before I have the fabric for the back.

(embroidery pattern found here)
Once the sandwich is mostly hand quilted and nearing it's final stitches I will take a short break to embroider the label. Then once the quilt is nearly done I will find the binding fabric that I think best goes with the over all quilt and bind it. Once the baby is born the label is hand painted with the date and babies name. Wa-la! Baby quilt.


Baby quilt number two or 5 in the over all series.

Baby Bennett

I had cut out the fabric and sewn the squares for both blankets at the same time. I had originally thought that both would have a smattering of all different color blocks but when I laid them out to see what looked best, they took on minds of their own. This one was determined to be more purple, black and red. And who am I to go against what feels right.

This little proud pup makes me happy. (embroidery pattern found here)

Then once all is complete I get to do the most fun part of all. Pictures!! well that and the bestest part of course. Give them to the mothers of the little men. Both were received not too long after the babies births. I wanted to be finished before they came but it just didn't happen. No worries. I really don't think the little guys will remember those few days without them.

Edited: I just found out that I totally fouled up on Bennett's birth date. I checked the date based on the date that my post about visiting him took place. It turns out I did not post on the same day that I saw him. I knew I had seen them the day they got home from the hospital and that had taken place the day after he was born. Turns out that was the 17th, he was born on the 16th. Gab says he won't notice till he is older.

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  1. so beautiful Angie! I am aspiring to do more handy work like you! Just one thing...Bennett's birthday...
    Your work is always so well put together...very lovely indeed!


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