Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Lady Quotes

Bed time routine is some what of a guessing game around here as I believe it is in most homes. Yes, we all have the nights that make us believe that we've got it. This kid is trained and will now follow the schedule we have layed out every night. Then they remind you that they are little humans that can see right through your well layed plans. They get it. Mom will get me water after she has said good night. I can always get down stairs to take "one last pee" if I tell her I don't need to go now. I can drag this part out cause it is prayers and mom wants me to say my prayers, right? Of course.

So you try to remind them that tonight is different. Tonight I will not give in to your little schemes. I get it too you know. I realize, eventually, that you are just a little human that knows how to use other humans weak spots. Yes, your right mom does have a soft spot in her heart for a thirsty kid. I hate to be thirsty myself. But really. If you have any more water tonight it will be the same old story all night long.

12:30 am
"mom, I have to go pee"

"Okay sweet heart, let's go"

6:30 am
"mom I have to go pee"

"really? again? Okay."

While she sits on the toilet she let's you know that she is hungry, "I want cheerios"

"Oh honey it is really early, still very much sleep time"

So tonight, I remember to get her to go pee before I take her up to bed. She heads to the bathroom with these famous words

"There's no pee in me"

"yes there is, there always is"

Gets on, and as she's getting off,

"There's no pee in me"

"okay, but look at me, this is your last chance to go, you can't come down later to go, okay?"

Sits on the floor to put on her underwear

"Oh I found some, there's some, I found some pee in me"

Promptly getting back on the toilet.

I knew it, I knew you were playing me these last five nights in a row. Now you have just cleared the suspicion into a reality. I wasn't wrong after all. I really need not second guess my mother instinct. Ever!

I write this with such confidence believing she is asleep, But alas the foot steps have crossed the floor once again,

"I need to poop, I'm just going poop".

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  1. Mom and I got a good laugh at this one! I especially loved it because I can actually hear her voice saying there is no pee in me...she said that to Mei and I! So great and we will remember it forever! Enjoy


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