Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday "Fun" #13

What has you up at 2:30 in the morning sitting in the bathroom in a state of half comatose? Well it all depends where you're at in life. Chances are if you have a baby then you are waiting for them.

The bathroom is our change room. The floor our change table. And 2:30 AM is little Jades poorly timed bathroom break. She needed a change for an overly wet diaper and when I put her down she started to grunt like the pooping baby she is. So there I sat, waiting. Patiently waiting. If you rush these things, i.e. change the diaper early, you will only cause yourself more trouble. Another change would be inevitable within a short hour.

If you are up at two thirty in the morning waiting for your daughter to work through whatever it is she is doing there on the floor before you change her diaper, What do you do?

A: Sit on the floor and chat her up?
B: Sit on the toilet in a state of half wakefulness and pray you don't have to be here for much longer?
C: Take pictures?

Well let me show you what these options look like more in depth.

A: Sit on the floor and chat her up.
Though she is sweet, most assuredly and you long to visit with that happy, grunting baby. The one with the toothless grin worth more to you than gold. You really should not. You will find her more awake in a tiny space of time and worse yet she might think this is great and want to have such fun every night at around 2:30 AM.

B: Sit on the toilet in a state of half wakefulness and pray you don't have to be here for much longer.
This is a most commonly chosen action for really it is difficult to come up with an option that seems at all reasonable. Frankly that is understandable as this time of night is unreasonable in and of itself. Do not be hard on yourself if this is the choice you made. It really can't be helped.

C: Take pictures.
Now this one works well to both advantages. You see you are sitting in that room bored out of your mind and tired enough that you really could fall asleep on the toilet. You are also looking down on a baby that is super cute no matter the time of day or night. The fact that she is so happy on the floor at 2:30 in the morning with no regard to your feelings what so ever can produce a cuteness that is rarely enjoyed.
You also don't really want to get too chatty or you might over wake her and yourself. This is where the camera comes in handy. Pull it out and snap some shots. Enjoy her rolling around on the floor even though you feel like you have just woken from a skillet nap.

In the end this is what you get.

A moment shared that is not often enjoyed. One day this too shall pass. The day will come when you no longer have a baby to change in the middle of the night. These times will be gone. Why not take advantage of these late night, or early morning get togethers and remember them as something positive.

Take into your heart the silly night that seems too long but is worth every minute cause this is what you get. Baby love.

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