Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sudden family reunion and more

Life, Crazy, hectic life. Much time has been spent focusing on a project for a sisters baby. He was born a little while back and this project had much left to be done. But it is done. Last minute finish. My personal dead line. Her birthday party on the 18th. Done in time to wash and barely dry before we left.

This party was a wine and cheese party with a treat for desert. Each family brought one of each and we indulged

I made a self-saucing pudding. We picked up a Madagascar green peppercorn cheese and a Carmenere to par with it. The two were lovely together.

I made this pudding for two reasons. I saw it on a blog and it looked good and I found this amazing cast iron dish to bake it in.

Who can go wrong with a four dollar cast iron dish that just begs to have food nestled inside.

Mandi opening the baby blanket that I made for her newest addition.

I will post more on the blanket later.

Ah and here he is their little guy born not that long ago now.

Lovable indeed.

Jade doing the best she can to soak her whole shirt.

cousins playing on the floor together.

And then when she was done on the floor Gramma tried to cheer her up. It was not surprisingly a no go.

That was Sunday.


Then came Monday. Monday blew in a whirl wind of family for a painfully short visit. My parents were expected but
this man and his family were a surprise. My Brother and his wife and kids. CRAZY!!

They all came in together but did not stay in the same place the first night so we ran into him and his eldest daughter at the local co-op. Why wouldn't you have an impromptu visit in the small entry way causing anyone who arrives to have to walk through your conversation?

Grocery stores make some interesting back drops for photos. So much color and variety.

Then they all came over to our place for a mish mash of breakfast.

These spur of the moment breakfasts left my kitchen looking like this.

and this

 but who really cares when you get to be a part of this.
My oldest niece playing with my two daughters.

Brother playing with my little bean.

He figured she looked most like a jelly bean, thinking he might take a bite just to be sure.

I say it was worth every extra dirty dish.

In the midst of the visiting I was able to do a little carrot harvest and pine needle racking.

I wouldn't be surprised if Suzie starts turning orange with how many carrots she has eaten in the last two days.

Then Back to Alex and Gabs for more visiting and supper.

Gab, the again new mommy. Lovely lady this woman is.

I find it astounding how fresh babies can change over night. Even in a few hours they look like totaly different people.

Uncle playing on the floor with his niece, showing her the shot he got of the two of them.

And as per usual I was unable to grab all the moments in photo but I must say that is most often because I am grabbing those moments in person without a camera in front of my face. I am often a little discouraged by the lack of photos I end up with but then I remind myself why that happens. I am holding a baby asleep in my arms. I am out in the back yard in the dark with a fire blazing and the gentle rain falling. I am watching, without a lens, the family whirling in and out of sight. Listening to the visiting, the laughter, the moments, though few, of quiet. I am there in the moment, I am present.

And though my family flew in and out of our every day lives in a flash, here today and gone tomorrow, they are with us always. And because they are family we are able to get down to the serious visiting in only a few short minutes and then right back up into the lighter air of laughter and round in circles without missing a beat. We are family, we have known each other from the day we were born or the day they were born. Even as we were children so it is today. We Laugh together and cry together. It is love in a way that only families can love and be loved.

Thank you for the love, for the flash hugs of hello and goodbye. See you again as soon as the life tides bring us back into each others presence. I love you my family.

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