Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday fun #12

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

Cinnamon discussions.

The rule was that she had to eat her food before she got one. If this did not happen, daddy would eat these buns. So first he needed to know who's buns he was eating.

The one on the right was hers the one on the left was mommies, according to her.

The question he put to her was which one should he eat first.

"That one"

"Yeah? that one? Mommies?"

"yeah, mommies"

"what if I eat this one first (pointing to hers), who's am I eating?"


"I thought you said this one was yours and that one was mommies. So this one is yours."

"No, this one is mine (pointing to mine) that one is mommies."

"okay, so if I ate this one and it was mommies is that okay?"


"what if I eat this one (picking up her new one, the one she traded)? Would that be okay? Would that make you happy?"

"yea.... No, that one's mines"

"oh, but you said before that this one was mommies."

"Yeah, that one is mommies (yes she just reverted back to the original plan)"

"oh, this one isn't yours?"

"No, that one is mommies, this one is mine."

"Okay then I will eat this one (putting down mommies and picking up Suzie's). Would that be okay?"


She caught on, she kept up. At times I wasn't even sure where it was at but she knew how to change the plan to make it work in her favour. Kid knows her stuff.

This face is saying, "hum, he's not really going to do that is he?"

He didn't. She finished her dinner and enjoyed her incentive. That's what dessert is for. Incentive to finish ones meal right?

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