Monday, September 12, 2011

Eternal Springs

The place with the swinging bridge. The little one. That one that scared Suzie last year but this year the bounce seemed to fit nicely with her step.

A few attempts at family photos with the camera precariously propped up on some thing or other. The edge of the bridge or a cooler works nicely with the tripod resting sweetly in the warm car.

Off to the swings with a quick chase after dad.

Are the two swings the same size or is one larger than the other?

My lovely flying daughter.

Now we're off to find a fishing spot.

Behind Paul and Suzie used to be a road.

Things have changed a little.

What color should we use?

Pink it is.

And the bate is in the bag.

Take a step over the big stick.

And you're on your way to a fishing spot.

Mom and little sister will stay on the blanket....

and blow some bubbles....

and check out the hands.

Now to catch some fish

hmmmmm maybe not?

Okay let's try fishing in the pond left here where the road was last year.

Ha ha, Sure enough lots of little chubs hanging out in this little pond.

Suzie's first fish fisting.

"Look dad he's swallowing" Fishes mouth gaping open and closed. "ha, he's not swallowing anymore" As she holds the fishes mouth shut.


More family photo attempts.

Jade has gotten into the newest trend of Batmanning.

Hey not too bad for a cooler propped camera and squinty sun faces.

And back to the car to head home.

Hope your week goes well. Enjoy the silly days of life.

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  1. Our girls also loved that spot and the little creek chubs! Another wee family member gets to grow up with the same memories! Weird how the road is gone though.


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