Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things like to change

Even when we don't want them to. Even if we have plans to make them stay the same, life refuses us the luxury of sameness. And, in the end that ain't so bad and in fact is a sameness in and of itself.

It was wonderful. It was unexpected and it was grand. It was "small" but that made it bigger. It was short but that made it longer. It was a date. It was the two of us without a child, not even one, none, zero, along. That? That has not taken place for over a year now. Okay, so we went on one or two dates while I was pregnant but in my opinion that is still not alone.

My Brother and his lovely wife offered to take our kids for a Dandy Date. A Dandy Date is not so much the greatness of the date but the location at which the date can take place. Dandy Drive In is our local Drive in burger shack that happens to make some really great food. 

We both agreed that a Dandy Date, though including Dandy food, should not be eaten at the same local. And the verdict was our own little, lovely, often private, garden park.

This is a "no don't take my picture" picture. For most every picture I have of him there are a good many of these prior.

Ah there it is the smile that says "I may not love that camera but I sure do love the lady holding it"

Our dinner view. Pretty Magical for our great small town.

It was dandy. The two of us talking uninterrupted. No questions of "Mommy can I" or "WAAAAHHH!!!". Just adult conversation. If life were like this what would you do. Who are we as people, as individuals. The side of us that is not a parent (even when all sides are influenced by those two lovely ladies). It may have been only a few hours but each minute brought us closer together. Hugs without out those little fingers grabbing at my skirt. Peace and quiet. Thank you Alex and Gab. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


The next day we three girls took ourselves back out to the garden cause the day had changed things. The night had been long with a teething number two and the morning even longer with two stuffed noses that weren't attached to my face and a lot of fussing that seemed unwarranted (though I am sure that had to do with the fact that all I wanted was to sleep).

So I rallied, I Said yes to a Kim that wanted to go outside even though all I wanted to do was curl up into a kitten ball and lay in the come and go sun beams.

So we did. We got the mail and checked out the flowers.
They both found things to enjoy. It was tranquil. She could talk all she wanted and I was not "to busy" to just sit and listen. Baby loves the outdoors just as much as her big sister.

She ran...

She discovered.

And I sat there on the ground to watch.

She's got something to share.

A pocket full of "nots".

A collection worth sharing.

The regular and constant abandoning of the shoes took place later than expected.

And if the baby spoke clear, concise English, out side of a cry, she would have convinced you, in less than a word, that she too was abandoned.

Picking her up did not convince her other wise.

Not till we posed this posture, at which point her belly started to fill with warm love, did she believe me.

Suzie then informed me it was time to go home and I was in agreement with her. As we packed up the little that we had brought along she told me "that was good and fun". Yes my dear, sweet Suzie that was good and fun.

We got home, had supper got her to bed and then the tables turned. The good and fun turned out to have some unforeseen repercussions. Something I even got a photo of unknowingly. The choice made by a mother who was tired and did not think on how a two year old might treat a set of keys. I watched her play with them and answered her questions about the keys. I was impressed that she remembered which of the four belonged to the house. She wanted to know what the valley in the key was. I told her it was a groove. She held on to those keys until this point.

And that, my friends is where she left them.

My Sister-in-law came over to pick up the car as she was going to borrow it today. I checked a few of the regular spots and then my heart sank. I had not touched them since the post office. We searched that garden for a good 15 minutes in the dark not sure where Suzie might have left them. Then the thought struck me, maybe I had a photo of her holding them, then I would know they got from the post office to the garden. That would confirm the time line. And there they were sitting on the bench, Glarring back at me through artificial light on a screen that holds a pixel image of the past. That is the final resting spot of our car/house/mail keys. And they were there no more. The garden was silent with the information of who might have found them and taken them. I still have not set eyes on them since.

What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours. From Sunny and bright to oh what a night. Will I make a wiser choice next time? I may just have to hold onto the keys myself for the next little while. Maybe when she is driving She can be in charge of the car keys.

As my brother said, it is surprising how little this does happen to us when there are children in our lives. I know for a fact that a day will come when we will have to come with the spare keys to unlock the door of a car that our sweet young daughter has locked herself out of. These are the facts of life. They come and they go and they happen less often than you would think in the over all.

Here's hoping for a bit of a better week with some found keys in the end.

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