Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My story book life.

A comment left on my facebook link to the last post reminded me of this post from a blog that I follow. It got me thinking about how life can be a story book no matter where you are. I have often thought that maybe my writing doesn't inspire much thought or intrigue. Maybe it lacks a good punch or something that paints a picture. But there was something posted long ago by the same blogger that keeps me going and not worrying whether "I am as good as those really good writers or not". In this post she talks about some of the things she does and writing is one of them. This quote does it for me every time I start to doubt my writing skills.

"If you write, if you journal, if you blog...please keep doing it. It is your art, your style, and no one can tell you that it's not good...no one but yourself, and you don't have to listen." Kelle Hampton

And so I do and so I shall. I may not have the word slinging skills of some but I will enjoy the fact that a few words put together can remind us of our own story book days.

These from this week....

Fresh tomatoes and peppers from our own little garden.
We planted a small garden this year in the thought that I would be busy with a newborn. And that may be the case but I still miss the fact that I will be unable to take any of what is growing and make it last into the year.

Scrambled eggs with fresh garden tomato. Ingredients may not be fancy but the flavour is heaven.

These facts have caused a desire in me to challenge myself next year. I have plans. Big plans. We are going to pack that garden tight next year. It may take some practice yet but I will get that garden producing AND keeping up with it when harvest comes around.

A birthday party for a nephew. Fun times having all the littles together enjoying life.
Suzie actually had cousins from both sides of the family at this party. Fun when family knows family.

The little guy hanging didn't manage to get on the seat so he just lifted his legs and went along for the ride.

The one doing the pushing? That is the birthday boy. go figure. Great part of it all is he didn't even know that he "should" be disappointed about how this particular session ended up. They all just took a spot and he just started to push.

And then the boy opened his gifts. The larger one was left for last. (check out the boat in the back ground, the parents ingenious idea for a sand box)

Pull hard on that tape there little buddy.

There you go.

That's right unwrap that large item in the middle of the yard.

Oh yeah, little helper Suzie to the rescue. She is a quick one when the opportunity arises to lend a helping hand.

He's on top of his world. Happy Birthday Liam.

The gift revealed. It's a large train. How fun is that.

The adults spending time visiting while the kids have found things to do.

And back home again.
Outdoor in the jolly Jumper. yes I will admit it right now before you even ask the question. She is hanging from the clothes line. My first thought was that she might be to heavy but Paul just lovingly laughed at me. "The wet cloth diapers probably weigh more than Jade does". Hmm I guess you are right. Didn't think of that.

Watching her hero. Suzie actually made Jade full out giggle today. You know the kind that they have on youtube. Only once though. She's getting good at laughing, little miss is.

Sister knows how to use an exercise ball even if it is only a cheap bouncy ball.

If you tell Suzie to smile this is the face you will get.

Usually the mouth is even more open. I discovered where she got this concept of a smile from. She has been listening to alot of Psalty records and on the back of one of the covers is a photo of a bunch of kids laughing really hard. Mouths wide. Truly happy. You ask her what they are doing and she will tell you they are smiling.

This is pretty much exactly what they look like.

Yesterday it was time to wash this blanket and oh how much fun to see it outside. I love this blanket and feel it has not spent enough time on the other side of the lens of my camera. So there she is hanging next to my lovely daughter.

This morning was a blast of a time spent with my next feature. If only I could actually spend time with each person that I am going to feature. Sadly that will Only work with those that live near by. This one was a cousin of mine. Let's just leave it at that. Stay tuned to see how we spent our morning and what Work she does that I will be featuring.

As for now I must take my baby up to bed and remind her that sweet dreams lead to more stories. She is very young yet so she has not even learnt the concept. Sweet dreams to you all. Enjoy your story book life.

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