Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fun #10

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

This week I threw together this little rag doll. I have wanted to try something along the lines of a Raggedy Ann doll but Have been unable to find a pattern online. In the mean time though I have found a few other rag doll patterns.
I guess I have always dreamed of having a doll that my girl/s would drag around outside.

I don't quit know why this has been the case but I actually dream of the day that I will have to throw a stuffed toy or doll in the laundry.

Some sort of romanticising of the young girls life. I loved stuffed animals as a child but was always disappointed with the fact that I did not have "the one" that had to go every where.

I finally did have one that went everywhere with me when I was older. Being home schooled I didn't know that it wasn't cool to drag around a small stuffed frog at the age of 13. So I did. Even till I was 15 or more.

So back to that dream. I don't quit know how to explain this draw. Like I said, maybe it is, to me, the picture of being a child. A connection with ones imagination.

So I introduce to you Lulu. I gave her that name and Suzie showed to me that she now knows how to pronounce her L's. It is no longer "yuyu" but a very conscious LuLu. Now it is Love, it is Lolly pop, it is Little. This I believe comes from her new cd that she listens to while she falls asleep at night and naps. It is called Letterland. And each song has a new character that is spelled with the letter of choice and always says the sound of this same letter.

So now she says her L's. Soon she will be speaking even more clearly.

Fun has been had this week. Going for walks every morning early so as to enjoy the cool of the morning before the heat sets in.

Enjoying this day before a busy weekend.

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  1. You are so incredibly creative! Everything turns out very cutie cutie. Ahhh Letterland...great stuff! Thinking of the "must come along" teddy, I guess I only had my Cabbage Patch doll, which was my last present from my Dad at age 8. I too never had anything else. Interesting. I loved your frogs. It was a good time of life.


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