Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fun # 9

Friday fun is a short post of something fun that happened in the week whether it be a small moment or an epic happening.

This Friday started out with a bang. BROWNIES for BREAKFAST? Say what? Yup that's right brownies for dessert after breakfast.

Ah yes and Suzie's eye? If you ask her she'll tell you "I bonk it at the post office". Yes sir she did. Playing Jungle gym style antics on the hand rail at the local post office ended with a face into the cement. Suffice it to say it might be a few trips back before she tries again.

Yes back to this day. This Friday. My happiest place.

We went for a walk twice this Friday. This pram is getting some use this year after all. I thought that Jade not being able to sit on her own would hold off for this year but now that it is a bit cooler she can be propped up in a bunch of blankets and not over heat. Yes that is what I said. Cooler, as in mornings are starting to feel a bit on the fall side. Actually down to the fact that I could wear pants or a sweater.

A quick trip to the post office. No she did not play on the hand rail this time, maybe next time. and then a quick stop over at our building.

Oh yeah, I guess I haven't mentioned this place yet on here. We bought a building last year. A real fixer upper. It is on main street of this small town and when it is done there will be two rental apartments. It will happen someday just a lot of work to get there and now that Paul has started his new job sooner than expected it will be evenings and weekends that he can work on it.

Ah the comfort hug. The little girl will now cry and say "I want a hug, I want a Hug, I want a hug". Well that is easy enough. Glad to give out hugs.

Jade watching the action through her hairy eyes as Paul calls them.

This is a tired little baby.

Suzie sings the alphabet most days and here she is singing it to the bricks.

Laying out some bricks to take pictures to sell them. The building has parapet walls that need to be pulled down and so a lot of extra bricks on our hands to get rid of Suzie didn't realize that we won't be selling the broken ones.

The pile.

then home for some outdoor book reading.

Suzie's book of choice these days.

This little guy goes out to look for the happiest place..

Then finds his happiest place is right at home. I agree home is indeed the happiest place.

Then back out for a walk to the local farmers market. It may be a small town we're living in but we have a farmers market.

And from there back to our local public garden.

Suzie displaying the Thiessen jean. It seems a trait most of my family takes part in. Walking oddly just for the fun of it.

Love those blue eyes staring up at me.

This is the face I see when I hear "Mommy I yove you"

checkin out the flowers.

And then off to the next thing.

There's those blue eyes again.

Ah yes, and this fellow or one of his many relatives has to sing the alphabet to my little lady. At least once or twice.

Sticks hold a fascination, and why not they are useful for many things.

like poking at the water fountain.

Hee hee, I love that little hand poking out of the pram. I feel really happy when I see it.

Well that's it, our Friday. There was more to the day of course but you get the idea. And now it is off to the rest of the weekend. It's lining up to be a busy one.

Enjoy your happiest place, where ever that may be

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