Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Job

Well where to begin. I have spoken a lot as of late about some big changes that have been set in motion. Ones that were big but the time was not right to share about them.

Paul has started a journey down a new career path. And with him we all go. There is no possible way for him to go down that road alone when us three girls are here at home cheering him on.

It all started to present itself as a necessary change last year. He has worked as a computer tech for the last 10 to 15 years of his life. His last Job was working for the school at the Native reserve near our town. He was knowledgeable in the field but did not have his papers. He wanted to have some sort of schooling under his belt to move forward. The computer tech stuff was really out of the question for two very good reasons. One: he was burnt out from it. Done. Had no drive to continue. No longer found any joy in that as a job. Two: the schooling is expensive and why pay big money to do something you have no desire to do.

So enters the question of "what will it be". And the answer? Electrician. That's right, he is on the road. He has become an apprentice with a man here in town. He is working three days a week for this month and then will move into full time work in September. He walks to work, leaving out the back door, through the gate in the back yard and down the road. And when he gets home from work? That is the clincher for me. He comes home happy. Not stressed to the gills.

He was burnt out bad with his last job. The stress at the end there was unbearable. It was painful to watch. My heart ached for my man like I have never known. Even now we are still awaiting the confirmation of the receiving of his letter of resignation. Being a school they are gone over the summer. And that wait is weighing on him a little. But soon it will all be a thing of the past and then freedom.


On to this past weekend.

My folks had been out for a couple of weeks and we spent time with them as much as we could.

Spending time with mom in the small yet fabulous garden park just down the street from us.

This park is in the front yard of a church with another church across the street.

My great mom

Arms akimbo

In one of her favorite settings. Flowers are right up there with mountains and if you put the two together you've really got her.

Checking out the flowers.

These next three photos speak for themselves. But they don't speak for me. So let me say that I have been lamenting the lack of "artistic" or nature shots in my albums. You see I find it hard to find the time to study the world through my lens. Thus I am attempting to look beyond my little world into that which surrounds it.


Next in the weekend was an August birthday part at the Kroeker farm. Every month we make sure to get together and celebrate birthdays of the month.

These two had much fun working out on the exercise balls.

I think they could bring out the next big thing in exercise videos.

And these two made good use of the day as well.

Grampa Kroeker.

Randy Martens opening his gift. Randy is married to Paul's sister.

Ross, Paul's brother, opening his gift.

Little big man with his dad. This little guy is six months old and I believe he and Suzie are only a few pounds off from being the same weight.

Check out those knees.

Checking out moms hands.

Gramma starting Suzie off on coffee at an early age. Give it a few years and Suzie will be asking for coffee parties at Gramma's.

AAH! yes and Jade doing her most favorite thing ever. Suzie was not the biggest fan of this baby tool. Jade on the other hand actually cries for it at times. When all else fails put her in the jolly jumper and listen for the squeals of joy.

Grampa Kroeker eyes on this little girl. My mom was the first to mention it way back when and now it is becoming unmistakable. Only one who doesn't see it is Grampa. Go figure, must not spend too much time looking in the mirror.

Auntie Mandi spending some time with Suzie. Mandi is expecting her first at the end of this month. Can't wait for the new addition.

Looking good girl.

Oh yes and here is what many a mother of a baby knows full well.

The clothing imprint left by a baby that needed a bit of help getting to sleep. You hug them tight and close so that you can do the mommy sway with a little more vigor. Baby eventually heads off to dream land and you keep holding them tight for awhile cause you feel you deserve a bit of non-screaming cuddle time.

And that was our weekend. Time spent with family and loved ones. Good-byes as my parents left Sunday morning. Miss them whenever they have to leave.

One last thing. I stated awhile back that I would select a random commenter from my "Featured" post. Seeing as there were only two comments and one of them was the artist the winner is Jolene. Jo I will work on sending it out your way sometime this week.

Hope your week is going well. Enjoy the journeys you are on, whether new or old they all have something for us.

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  1. I remember the button imprinting well! ha ha. The joys of motherhood! I also remember the stress of having a hubby in a job that brings no satisfaction. 2008 was not a good year for mine and I was desperate enough to change our circumstances before it changed him that we moved to another province. Changing is a big step and I'm thankful you all have found something that brings more happiness and contentment. It will all work out!


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