Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy days of Summer.

Yikes! Yes that is how I am starting this post. This last week has been just that. CRAZY! The Plan. It always starts with a plan. We purchased a building in Oak Lake here about a year ago in hopes to fix it up to rent out as apartments. Much needs to be done in it yet but the most important is the roof. The place had a major leaking problem and that is how it came to us for very cheap. But that being said it also needs a bit of TLC. The entire roof needed to be peeled off and re-done. It is a tin roof and had been gooped with goo for many years.

So the plan. Paul knew he could not get it done over a weekend on his own so he called up his brother and two of mine. They were to come on Saturday and so we needed to prepare.

A quick trip to the farm to find some tools that might be needed for the stripping process. A trip to the farm must include a visit of course. And here it is.

A quick check in on the cows.

Ahh there they are.

Hey little guy, what are you doing?

Hide and seek.

how fun.

Telling dad about the cow.

Up the hill to check on the chickens.

Yup there they are in the dark.

And the apples, how are they doing.

Looking good.

And tasting wonderful.

According to Suzie they were "kind of awkward" to walk on.

Shoes are one of the first things to go, anywhere, anytime.

Laying back with my baby.

She's pretty great when she's not screaming at me. I guess she doesn't like to fall asleep. Once she is there it is okay just the first closing of the eyes is a major fight. She will actually cry about her eyes closing her in. Silly girl. Doesn't she know that closed into sleep is one of the best places to be?

Our view above.

One shot of the harvest. One day I will take the time to really shoot this magical time of year.

Also have to drop in and check out the cousins home building project. Nothing too big for him just a quick little building of a house for his family. Look forward to them moving in closer to us. Not that they are that far but maybe closer will help us get together more often.

And now the let the work begin. Okay well the guys worked really they did. This is lunch.

There's most of them. Jesse came a bit later.

And as the men head back off to work I stay home with the girls.

My view laying on my back in the yard. Can you guess what you are seeing?

Hee hee. I love it. She really gets that thing bouncing and on the clothes line it has extra spring action to it.

Ah yes. See they are working. Paul's brother got more shots of the roof itself. I couldn't very well go up there while I had the girls with me so I had to be satisfied with the ground shots.

The scissor lift was a tool borrowed from a very good friend.

Two very helpful brothers awaiting supplies to insulate. I guess in the end the part that was to be the hardest went the fastest. The roof peeled off quickly without much trouble. The blow in insulation was where time stood still. The machine that did the blowing was going at half mast. Jesse actually climbed inside the rafters of the roof to get the stuff all the way in. So thankful for help from family.

And then home again for us. Suzie checking out the...


I caught a few ants to show Suzie a spider in action. I think in the end I got more out of it but it sure was fun.

Oh yeah and she did figure out blowing on the web made it bounce around.

I thought he was quit a lovely one.
He reminded me of the one my mom kept as a pet for awhile back when I was a kid. I don't know if I ever saw it myself but she sure enjoyed feeding it flies. Now I know why. Oh and when I mean she kept it as a pet I mean there was a spiders web in her room and she fed it. Not caged or any such thing.
Funny the memories you will get at the smallest reminder. I like it. I like having flashes back into the days when I was young. Things that I thought were maybe a bit strange about my mom make total sense now. Just like the gardening thing.

Well, the crazy busy stuff isn't over yet. They got most of the roof put back together there is still more to do but soon that will be done. Then it will be time to move indoors to repair the damage that was done by the water leak. One step at a time.

As for now I must head off to turn over the record for my little lady and get some lunch going.
Hope you are having a good week so far.

The feature for this month will be a bit late as I was slow on the draw to contact her in the first place. Still getting the hang of this new plan.

Bye for now and enjoy your days. Crazy days of summer. My plate is loaded high.

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