Thursday, July 7, 2011


I did a small photo shoot with Jade a few days back. Well, we often do short photo shoots when she is awake. How can one help wanting as many photos of a subject like this.

That little face, YIKES! If you know what a baby sounds like when they are cooing this is the face they make to do it.

Today She was upset at one point while I was changing her so I started to sing to her. She calmed down and then she started to "sing" along. It was one of the sweetest little singing voices I have heard right next to her sisters sweet songs.

"Come on mom, are we done yet?"

"fine, that's it, no more."

Paul came home from work two days back and asked if we should go to the lake. 4:30 in the afternoon, I am in the middle of putting supper together and the thought going through my mind is ,"well, I'm hungry and I had other things planned". Then I remembered this post written only a few hours earlier.

So to the lake we went. I grabbed some cheese and crackers, brought along some chips and yogurt and a book.

It was totally worth it.

Who cares if this evening her only super meal was chips, crackers and yogurt. In fact that is more than she will often eat in the evening. Sometimes there is no super in her belly by the time she goes to bed. I don't know how it is that kids this age eat at such random hours. It is entirely by her choice that she has no super some days. And there is not even a complaint when she goes to bed. A glass of milk and she is good for the night.

Children confuse me sometimes. I thought those kids that didn't eat were not normal, turns out they are more common than those that do. This age is all about confusing the parents, I am convinced of that. One minute they want to paint the next they want to go to bed. Wait, What? did you just say you Wanted to go to bed? Okay, I give up trying to understand the thought processes of a 2 1/2 year old.

One thing I do understand is their desire to explore. They will climb when given the option.

"mom, I'n goin' to cyimb thee tree." Yes she says "thee"

"I did it"

This is a lake for you. Kind of gross if you think about swimming in it. but just watching the water play with that beautiful green had a wonderful effect to it. I love when there are grasses or weeds that show the motion of the waves coming to life.

The lake in the evening was a new effect. I may not have an ocean to go to but this will do for me. It is a wonderful short trip and a nice cool evening was enjoyed.


Yesterday we went out to the farm to visit with GGma. Or as Suzie calls her, New Gramma.

(you are wrong Gramma, you are photogenic after all)

My Grandparents have all left this life and gone on to the next so I am thankful to have married into a new set of Grammas. I have always enjoyed time with the older generation. To see where life has come from through their eyes. To see where we have come from. And to be loved by grandparents. There is nothing quite like a Grammas love.

So many memories flood my heart when I look back at the summers when they would come to visit. The posture my Grandma took, Stooping over to have a closer look at the rocks she trod upon on the lane by our farm house. The fact that she would let us form bun dough into grey little balls on our tiny little pans and faithfully bake them for us. Games played. Blankets crocheted. Gardens planted and harvested. The list of time spent goes on and on.

Thanks Gramma for taking me and my girls in.

We love you.

On the way home we took a look at what the flooding in Manitoba has done to the road we usually travel to get to the farm.

Turns out it needs a bit of work,

once the water stops running over the road.

Think it may be awhile before we take the shortest way out there.

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