Monday, July 4, 2011

Life on a whim.

Life, where is it you hope to go with it? where are you hoping to be in five years. A question I used to dread when I was single. When my boss would ask this question, I admit, I would usually tell have half truth. I didn't want them to know the real longing of my heart cause more often than not it did not involve them in any way. I especially hated this question in a job interview.

Where did I want to be in 2011 Back when I was 25 years old? Not where I was. I wanted little to do with the working girl that I was. I wanted to be able to say that I was a stay at home mom. Even a wife at the time was a dream I never believed to be possible. Don't get me wrong that time of life was good, really good in fact. It was the time that I was able to travel the world and be independent. I learnt alot when I was on my own. One of the best things was the self confidence. I was able to take care of myself. That confidence is important at this time of caring for my two girls. I can take care of them. I am able. I feel stronger now emotionally than ever before.

This is where I had hoped to be in five years, I just never thought it possible. I think back to that younger self and am amazed at how much has happened in that time. how her dreams have come true.

Five years from now? We have dreams, there are plans in the works for change, big changes are just around the corner. One of them is just watching our children grow. Five years from now my girls will be 7 and 5. That is a whole different world from where we are now. I look forward to where the days and years will take us.


Till then this is where we are. This is the day that I am living and so here goes.

I dug up a small plot of dirt by the deck for Suzie to have her very own daisy garden.

This is how she enjoys a daisy.

Daisy looking in on its future fate.

(The painted nails that were done at an inconvenient time)

The beauties that help life in Manitoba to be a little more enjoyable as they consume a good amount of the mosquito's that attack any living creature.

I love these wonderful papery winged creatures. The sound of them in the air is so wonderful. Just don't have one land on the back of your leg when you are standing high on a ladder without knowing it is coming. Their little grabby legs are a shock if not expected.

The single stroller has turned into a double. Don't think I could jog with them both on there but it works well for short trips around town.

On Canada day we got the girls out of bed to go find some fireworks. Turns out there were none in town and we were to late to make it to Virden, the near bigger town. So Suzie is helping put Jade back to bed.

She was ready to enter hers too.

Next morning we went to Virden for breakfast. Just cause.

Suzie has been enjoying the Fishing theme. She found this stick and decided she would catch some of her own.

Sunday Morning Paul's sister and her husband called us up wondering if we would take them out to our fishing spot on the lake. Our normal spot was used up but we found another private spot further down the road.

Turns out this spot is better. The other was only ever Jack fish. This one gave us a few good sized pickerel. Probably going to head down to this location more often.

Wish I had more pictures from this weekend but it turns out that making supper while taking care of two hungry girls doesn't free up much time. No worries, we know that we had fun visiting, catching fish and just general hanging out.

I am enjoying the impromptu life style that we have been taking on these days. It may be a bit hard with a baby but if we keep up the trend than they can grow up knowing what it is to suddenly change plans.

Fill me in, what have you done on a whim?

If you haven't taken my advice then go out and do something unplanned. It's worth the adventure no matter how big or small the something is.

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  1. A little 5 year boy told me yesterday that dragonfly is actually "too too be" in Dutch? Or some language? That is cute.


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