Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Parade of life and a literal one as well.

Maybe one day when I can type with both hands my posts will have a little more to say. Maybe.
Till then the posts are often written with my right hand while Jade slowly fades to sleep in my left arm. Not too sad about it seeing as I get to hold the sweetest little Jewel I own.

So Saturday was parade day here in our little town and go figure it was actually a cold day. Okay not cold per say but sure felt that way after plus 40 degrees Celsius. I don't know what the actual temperature was but I needed a sweater so that meant something to me and even then I was quit cold.

Awaiting the arrival of the start.

My family sitting, ready.

Jades way of enjoying a good parade.

Joined by Jesse and Christie.

And Gab and her boys. Alex, regrettably for us, had to work.

Suzie trying to get Uncle Jesse's attention to let him know that it was Elias standing in front of him.

here it comes.

Parades, it turns out, are all about the candy. Well I knew that but it was fun to watch these little kiddies figure that out as well. They really got into the hunt and gather of it all. It may look like they actually watched the parade go by but...

This is a little more the mode they were in.

Good ole' Mr.Abe Peters, a local who brings out his truck each year. In the past he would load the truck bed with his collection of tonka style toys. He has since built a wonderful little shed just for said collection. If you ever get a chance to stop in and ask for a tour I am sure he would be more than pleased to let you have a look.

This is Jades opinion of the ambulance and fire engine sirens that blasted just as they went by.

And these two I believe are having a great visit about the candy to be had. Well okay I don't really know what the conversation all entailed.

I do know that that was the conversation between Suzie and our neighbor Mr. Morcombe. He brought over the candy that had fallen near them at their drive way.

Suzie's great stash.


After the weekend had passed us by we joined Paul's folks for some Rollkuchen and watermelon from Winkler. A good old Mennonite meal.

To the left you can see the rhubarb sauce. This is a new item added to the rollkuchen table for me. I had only ever grown up with corn syrup being the dipping option of choice. I have to say this new item is a new favorite for me.

Drink back that rollkuchen.

Grama cutting into the large watermelon. This is not your typical grocery store melon. The size is a little larger and the flavour is even bigger.

Jade did a wonderful job of laying here and being happy pretty much through out the whole meal.

Though you may believe from what you have seen so far the get together was not strictly set up for the Rollkuchen. In fact it was initiated because Paul's Grandma and Aunt had come up for a visit.

Ah yes, and then Jade was done lying on the blanket so nicely. As Paul was done eating before I was I handed her over to him. This is a typical get together of Jade and Paul. She is still learning to be with daddy vs. mom. She is kind of a mommas girl.

You may think that she is all about the contents of the bowl but I believe she was smiling at what someone had said just moments earlier.

I had hoped to get more pictures of Paul's Aunt and Grandma but my battery died just a little before the opportunity had arrived. Shortly after this Suzie was on Grandmas lap and well a dead battery, no matter how hard you try to convince it other wise, will not come back to life with out a charger.

The whole gang doing what a gang does best. Sitting and visiting and having a grand old time.

It was so good to see them again as it had been far too long since the last time we had gotten out to visit them. Thanks for the visit Grandma and Aunt Florence. It was great to see you again.

And so for now I am back to life here at home. Many big changes are taking place in our lives at this time and yet I cannot write about it yet. Soon I will let you in on where life is heading for our family but for now I will just have to leave you in suspense. Forgive me for being so vague and secretive and for even mentioning it at all. I mention it only so that if life gets away on me and I don't blog as often for the next little while I will remember why. Cause when it comes down to the brass tax of it all this is a memory holder for me and my family.

So with that I will leave you. Hope you are all having a great week. Weekend is just around the corner once again. Enjoy every last minute of it.

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